Zen Meditation Room Decorating in Los Alimos, CA; Icy Blue, Lilac Purple, Khaki Green & Other Interior Painting Colors

Being our place of calming, comfort, and relaxing place to unwind, our homes are our sanctuary, especially during present circumstances. In times of stress and anxiety, our home is supposed to give us the space to be ourselves and feel comfortable. Effecting our mood heavily, the paint colors and things we surround ourselves is essential. To emphasize a calming feel to your California home, a Zen room can be the right element and today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to further elaborate on Zen painting.

Icy Blue Paint Color

A calm presence is easily communicated with blue which is also frequently seen as calming and peaceful. Stability and reliability are suggested by blue. Additionally, blue is shown to induce productivity for a home office with sophistication.

Lilac Purple Paint Color

Incredible serene energy exudes from purple in any space. Particularly with a light purple lilac, it reminds the person enjoying the room of a delicate flower. It is calming and serene for any room as it compliments with light furniture and airy decorations. Many feel that they can daydream and feel happy as purple communicates a sense of wisdom and strength.

Black & Soft Brown Paint Colors

Commonly evoking feelings of black, it offers power and calm. Through black, being incredibly popular color, and light black makes a room feel intimate and cozy. Light browns give a more earthy tone as it inspired feeling of nature. It has a nurturing quality and makes the room cozier.

Beige & Light Pink Paint Colors

These colors offer a sense of royalty, simplicity, and cleanliness, the light pinks and beige are a perfect touch of color. Beige is great for blending and using brighter colors for other accents is a great base for any wall. These colors are simple and sweet as it inspires relaxation and tranquility. It reminds one of refreshment and vibrancy along with the delicateness of flowers and softness.

Khaki Green Paint Color

As the green establishes a sense of serene nature it stresses the inhabitant of green. Green is a perfect color to develop a space with a green room can mimic a greenhouse of sorts for a plant lover with a green thumb. With a natural feeling, greens represent the natural world. Also, green is reminiscent of optimism as a fresh new plant.

Zen Meditation Room Decorating

It is time to complete your Zen space after you establish the color scheme. With the perfect color for your base, a Zen room is not far behind. Since you must choose a color that you most connect with, select furniture and elements will help create the perfect space. You can create harmony by considering your wall colors and flooring options. It may go for natural wood flooring to remind them of nature although light grays and beige can also be complimentary. With wood stained tables and chairs, stick with the earthy and calming them as you utilize a light-colored furniture is best. Accents and accessories can be a fun pop of color as you add feelings of vibrancy and excitement to the room. Like plants and water displays, a Zen room is perfect for housing elements of nature

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