What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted in Montecito, CA? Textured Paint Ideas & More

What Color Should a Ceiling Be Painted in Montecito, CA? Textured Paint Ideas & More

The ceiling in a room is often considered a “fifth wall” that can make a difference in the way the room looks when you decide to paint it. Painting a ceiling is a newer trend that is gaining popularity because it’s so versatile. There are different ways you can paint this “fifth wall”.

Ceiling Paint Color & Design Ideas

1. Painting Stripes on Ceiling. Using thick stripes on the ceiling will draw attention up along the length of the room and makes the room look longer. It also gives a vintage feel to the room that is classic and can be modernized at any time with a different color. Experiment with colors to get the look you want.
2. Bold Ceiling Color Combination. You can balance a room with vivid orange or primary blue that compliments other design elements in the room, like shelves or throw pillows. You can also use trim to create an unexpected break in color. This looks great in children rooms when you use primary colors.
3. Muted Ceiling Colors. For a blended look, you can add a bit of white paint to the color on the walls to paint the ceiling. This gives an ombre look that is popular right now. Subtle variations in color creates a blended effect that is cozy. It also looks fluid with gradual color changes.
4. Dark Painted Ceilings in Small Rooms. Is the space you’re painting small? You might think that painting the ceiling will just make it feel smaller, but if you paint it a dark color, you’ll actually make it seem bigger. For an even larger feel, paint the walls the same color as the ceiling. The effect will be greater in rooms that have low ceilings.
5. Elegance Ceiling Color Design. When you paint a ceiling a blue/gray color and the walls a slightly lighter color, you can create an air of elegance. Just make sure the colors complement each other. For an added touch you can add trim and hang a light fixture, perhaps a chandelier. You can get a reverse ombre look with a clean line of color change.
6. Colorful Ceiling Designs. You don’t have to stick with basic blocks and variations of color. You can paint a wallpaper design to get you the look of wallpaper without all the mess that comes with putting it up. You can create a majestic, open feel when the pattern is extended to the ceiling. The walls will look like they extend all the way through the ceiling and make the room look taller too.

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Painting your ceiling might just be the design element you’re missing. You can add color or design for a new look or repaint the color that’s there already for a fresh look. If you do paint it make sure you touch up the walls in the room, so the room will look cohesive and clean. If you need more advice on painting your ceiling, give McKay’s Painting a call. We can provide you with a consultation to help you design your perfect space.

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