Signs it is Time to Repaint in Calabasas, CA; Paint Deterioration, Warped Siding, Peeling or Faded Paint & More

Painting your walls, ceilings and other surfaces is a great way to protect them. Painting is a strong material that is used on a number of different surfaces around a home. However, even paint will degrade over time and need a fresh coat. It is important to know when to repaint to prevent decay to the walls, ceilings, cabinets and other surfaces the paint protects. McKay’s Painting would like to help you know when it is time to repaint your home and share the common signs of old and degrading paint.

Paint Deterioration

When paint begins to deteriorate it is past time for a new coat of paint. When paint begins to deteriorate, it will look dried out and look much like mud cracks on the walls. The paint will dry and crack off the wall in chips or peel off. The cracks can be small at first, and even feel sandy. When paint gets to this point, it is no longer protecting the surface and damages will follow.

Warped Siding

Another sign that it is time to repaint is when the siding or cladding material begins to warp. Warped siding is caused by moisture, combined with the baking sun. Exterior siding suffers when the paint begins to degrade or age. It is best to prevent warping by maintaining the paint. However, if you see warping is occurring, you need to repaint immediately.

Blistering or Bubbling Paint

When the paint begins to bubble or blister off the wall, the paint is compromised. There could be moisture behind the paint in the material it is painted on or it could be a sign of a bad prepping job. If the wall or other surfaces are painted but wasn’t cleaned off properly, it will result in bubbling or blistering. When you see bubbling and blistering occur, you will need to scrape off the painting and repaint the surface.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint is never a good sign and points to the need to repaint the surface. When paint peels off the wall, this can be due to age or moisture exposure. Peeling is common on exterior surfaces or those areas with high humidity such as wash room or laundry rooms. When peeling occurs, the old paint will need to be stripped and scraped off. Depending on the surface, you may even need to sand down the paint before you can repaint the surface.

Faded Paint

Another sign to look for to know if you need to repaint is when paint begins to fade. Fading can happen very slowly, which makes it hard to detect until the color is very light. However, if you notice the color of the paint looks lighter than the original paint, the paint is beginning to break down. Paint with fading is much more noticeable outside as UV light breaks down the paint faster. Fading is an early sign that the surface needs a fresh coat of paint.

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