Preparing & Painting MDF & Wood Baseboards & Trim in Isla Vista, CA; Sanding, Repairs & More

Preparing & Painting MDF & Wood Baseboards & Trim in Isla Vista, CA; Sanding, Repairs & More

When it comes time to repaint the inside of your home, it is equally important that your trim and baseboards look as good as the rest of the house after it gets repainted. When it comes to painting the trim and the baseboards, there are a few additional steps for a clean and perfect finish. Most people will just grab a paint brush and paint over the trim or baseboard’s original coat to give it a fresh look. Where this works if you are tight on time, it doesn’t give it a very clean or professional looking finish. McKay’s Painting will share how to repaint baseboards and trim for that clean and prefect finish.

Painting Wood & MDF Baseboards & Trim

Strip or Sand Baseboards – Before you begin painting the trim or baseboards around your home, you may need to strip them first. If there is a thick layer of paint on the trim or baseboards you may need to use a stripper to remove the top layers of paint. If the paint on the trim isn’t too bad, you can use a sanding block and sand the trim or baseboards down. Mark with a pencil any divots, holes or cracks in the wood work that may need repair. Sand the wood down until it’s back down to a smooth surface.
Trim Repairs – Any cracks and holes should be repaired next. You can use a stainable wood filler if your staining the wood. If you’re painting the wood work, any wood filler will work. The wood filler is like a glue or paste that you use to fill in the area that is affected. After the wood filler has had time to dry, use your sand block and smooth out the areas to ensure the wood has a smooth surface and the repair will blend into the wood.
Painting Baseboards – When you repaint the trim, use masking tape, and tape the edges where the wall and wood work meet. If you’re painting baseboards, use a piece of cardboard covered with wax paper and stick it under the edge of the baseboard as you paint to prevent the paint from smearing onto the floor. Use a good paint brush when painting trim. Never use cheap brushes as they leave too many streaks behind as you paint. For a cleaner finish, use a good quality painting brush. When painting trim or baseboards, avoid using too much paint on the brush. While it’s tempting to have a lot of paint on the brush, doing so will cause thick globs of paint to appear and again, it looks terrible after your finish. Use enough paint for an even spread but not too much that causes dripping or globules.
Trim Colors – If you are painting the wood trim, be careful as to what colors you use. Make sure they fit your color palette and follows the rest of the room. You don’t want to have to repaint the trim and baseboards twice due to a poor color choice.

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