Painting Outdoor Metal Surfaces like Exterior Railings, Fences & More in Agoura Hills, CA

Painting Outdoor Metal Surfaces like Exterior Railings, Fences & More in Agoura Hills, CA

When you are painting outside and around your home, most people know how to paint the outside of their home if they have wood siding and even block wall fences. But what about exterior metals? When looking outside your home you may find you have metal gutters, metal hand rails or metal fences that desperately need a fresh coat of paint. Metal, like wood, fiberglass, and other exterior materials also require some protection from the elements. Metal is mostly prone to rusting which looks terrible and eventually destroys the metal. Exterior metal often poses its own set of challenges. McKay’s Painting will share what goes into paint exterior metal features around your home.

Surface Preparation for Painting Metal

When it comes to painting metal, preparation is key. Depending on the type and the condition of metal that you are painting, the preparation can vary. Some of the most common types of metal used around homes are steel, aluminum, and zinc. In most cases you will need to first wash the surface of the metal. Next, scrape away the loose paint chips with a wire brush. You may even need to sand down the rest of the paint. You can also use a chemical stripper to help remove the surface paint. After stripping the metal of the old paint, you may need to treat the metal for rust. This may including using a rust treatment agent, after which you will sand the rust away. In many cases iron wool is used to sand the rust away. It is important to stop the rust before painting or the rust will simply continue underneath the paint.

Prime the Metal

So many people will skip priming the surface of the metal. However, the primer is essential in order for the paint to adhere to the metal surface. You will need to prime the metal first. There are primers that are designed to clean and prime metals. Some primers can be used on any type of metal while some are designed for specific types of metal. When applying a primer it is important to use the right primer for the type of metal you have.

Best Way to Paint Metal

The primer must be completely dry before painting the metal. Depending on the size of the project you may just need a few cans of spray paint. For large project it is recommended that a paint sprayer is used. When it comes to painting metal, brushing or rolling the paint provides a poor finish and often looks terrible. For a professional clean paint job using a paint sprayer is recommended. Like most painting projects, two or more coats are often needed for a clean and even paint job.

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When you choose to paint metal features outside your home, especially larger surface areas, consider using a professional painting surface. Professional painting services come with all of the tools and experience to properly paint any surface, including metal. Metal surfaces can be a little tricky. If you want a clean and professional result, contact a professional painting service. McKay’s Painting provides commercial and residential painting services and has experience painting multiple surfaces, including metal. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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