Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting Services

McKay’s Painting has been providing a multitude of painting and restoration services to the residential homes and commercial businesses of Santa Barbara through San Fernando Valley, California since 1977. Throughout the years, our experience and expertise has made us the leading professionals in the trade. Being the third generation to take hold of the company, our valued customers have been more than satisfied with our work, and have continued to contact us for additional services as their home or business has needed them. Among our many prestigious services we offer, exterior painting is included. Our talented professionals execute an exterior paint job on commercial buildings and residential houses with rapid, methodical precision.

Residential Exterior House Painting for Your Home

Residential exterior house painting offers many benefits. From improving the aesthetics, increasing home value, enhancing curb appeal, and offering a barrier from the elements to the raw materials needed for constructing a home are all examples of the beneficial gain in investing in an exterior paint service. McKay’s Painting professionals are not only masterfully trained, but we have accumulated the experience on our own, along with it being handing down from previous generations.

Exterior Paint Color Consultation, Preparation, Pressure Washing, Painting & Final Inspection

What to expect from McKay’s Painting is quality work, with affordable rates and superior results. When we perform an exterior paint service on your abode, we begin by nailing down the details of how you will want the end result to appear. Colors, trendy styles or unique designs can be discussed during the consultation. After the approved proposed cost and project outline, we get started. Surface preparation is completed by McKay’s Painting to ensure repairs and maintenance are completed before painting begins. Other surfaces are well protected with durable products to prevent messes and spills from blemishing the area. Often our crew will apply a pressure washing to ensure all mildew, mold, dirt, mud and other contaminates are thoroughly removed. McKay’s Painting experts follow all necessary maintenance, repairs and cleaning with meticulous exterior house painting job, leaving your home beautiful and flawless. After inspection, mess is completely cleaned and removed, and your Santa Barbara through San Fernando Valley, California home is adored by any passerby.

Commercial Exterior Painting

Santa Barbara through San Fernando Valley, California commercial buildings rely on exterior paint far more than residential homes do. Their benefits match those of the residential homes, but having a fresh coat of paint is an addition advertisement of sorts, allowing you to stand out, suggesting to walk by customers, along with regulars and of course employees ownership and care in your business down to the smallest details.

Professional Exterior Painting Services

McKay’s Painting technicians treat each project with professionalism, care and perfection. Whether you need an exterior painting service for your business or your home, the exterior paint service is completed with customer satisfaction. Utilizing the exclusive professional equipment, tools, supplies and products our talented professionals make a lasting impression, you will want to keep our contact information stored in your phone for future projects. McKay’s Painting company and team members have all necessary credentials, including licensing and insurance to give our customers peace of mind. We are eager to serve the folks living in Santa Barbara through San Fernando Valley, California with any of our services, including exterior painting for your home or business. Call us today to get started!

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