Deck & Porch Dry Rotting & Termite Damage Repair

Deck & Porch Dry Rotting & Termite Repair

McKay’s Painting supplies the commercial business owners and residential homeowners throughout San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara, California with a number of contractor services. We are completely licensed and insured to offer professional expertise at affordable rates. With McKay’s Painting, you will find friendly customer service, a high work ethic and moral standards, and a phenomenal quality of workmanship. Our technicians are among the leading professionals in the industry having years of valuable experience, advanced training, and remarkable skills that make them more than qualified to perform any service we provide. With the aid of high-end products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals we can guarantee maximum results.

Deck & Porch Termite & Dry Rot Treatment

McKay’s Painting can help the residential homeowners with repairs to their deck or porch that has been inflicted by dry rot damage or a termite infestation. Decks and porches need regular maintenance. If neglected, extreme weather conditions and even termite infestations can deteriorate your porch or deck. No matter the damage that has been inflicted, McKay’s Painting specialists can make the proper repairs; and if necessary replace any areas that are beyond repair to get your porch and deck back to their original glory.

Inspection to Determine if Deck or Porch Wood is Rotten

McKay’s Painting understands that without proper water sealing, wooden decks and porches can experience wood rot. Water remaining on wood decks for a long period of time seeps into the porous wood surfaces and swells deck planks. The absorbed water then creates soft or spongy areas, rotting the wood and compromising the integrity of your deck or porch. The deeper the wood rot, the more likely the wood needs replaced with new deck boards.

Deck & Porch Dry Rotting & Termite Repair in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara, California

If your residential home in San Fernando Valley to Santa Barbara, California requires a deck or porch repair from dry rot damage and termite problems, contact McKay’s Painting today and let our skilled experts make your deck/porch repairs quickly and efficiently. Call McKay’s Painting today to get started!

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