Deck Cleaning, Sanding, Staining, Refinishing & Restoration

McKay’s Painting is a full painting contractor that supplies commercial businesses and residential homes in the Greater Ventura, California area with a multitude of painting and restoration related services. We are completely licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community at affordable prices. Our technicians are more than qualified to perform the various services by having advanced training, experience in the field, and remarkable skills. McKay’s Painting exclusively utilizes premium quality products, materials, and equipment to conduct the services to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results. With McKay’s Painting, you can expect a phenomenal experience on a consistent basis. We not only deliver superior workmanship, but we also incorporate traditional values and customer service.

Does Your Deck Need to Be Refinished & Restored?

McKay’s Painting includes deck refinishing and restoration services for our residential customers throughout Santa Barbara and San Fernando Valley, California. Deck refinishing and restoration is necessary every few years, as decks take a lot of abuse with the elements and use. The sun dries out the wood, and the extreme weather deteriorates the finish and composition of the wood. At McKay’s Painting, we can get your deck restored back to its original beauty with vibrancy and shine. Not only does the chosen finish provide complimentary aesthetics, but it is also necessary to protect the wood from the climate and weather. A coat of protective finish, staining or painting, can prevent the deck from quick deteriorate and avoid premature deck replacement too soon. McKay’s Painting deck refinishing and restoration service will maintain your deck’s overall condition, enhance the beauty, and extend the lifespan of your deck. When your home’s deck in Ventura, California and surrounding areas is in need repair and refinishing services, the professionals of McKay’s Painting can conduct the necessary steps to get your deck restored.

Signs Your Deck Needs Refinishing & Restoration
If your deck is experiencing any of the following issues, it is time for a McKay’s Painting deck refinish and restoration service:
– Loosened, warped, cracked, or rotted wood boards are present.
– Too much pliability in wood boards.
– Loose or damaged handrails.
– Weak support posts that have deteriorated with age.
– Current finish is peeling or has dissipated.
– The desire to alter the current finish.

Exterior Pressure Washing, Sanding, Staining or Painting & Deck Restoration

McKay’s Painting will restore your deck, by removing the compacted dirt and mud, sun damaged wood as well as the old finish, followed up by a comprehensive power washing service the excessive debris and cakes of filth is thoroughly removed to ensure the new application of finish goes on smoothly and evenly. Power washing is performed with controlled water pressure equipment to remove any dirt, mud, soil, germs, bacteria, pollutants, and mold particulates that might have build up over a season, or even a few years, as well as any sawdust left behind after sanding. After your deck has been completely repaired, power washed and dried, the final process includes the application of your chosen finish.

Deck Cleaning, Sanding, Staining, Refinishing & Restoration in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara, California

Your residential deck in Santa Barbara and San Fernando Valley, California can be fully restored and refinished with McKay’s Painting professionals. Contact us today to get started on your deck!

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