How to Restore a Weathered Deck or Structure in Camarillo, CA; Old Paint Removal & More

How to Restore a Weathered Deck or Structure in Camarillo, CA; Old Paint Removal & More

Many property owners have that structure in the backyard that has seen better days; old play houses, children’s swing sets, old equipment sheds, and other such constructs that have seen years of neglect. Wanting to give the little building a facelift can be on your mind, even if it is the 130 year old barn or something not quite as old. No matter which exterior structure it is that needs some tender love and care, we at McKay’s Painting would like to offer some tips and advice to restoring it.

Tips for Restoring Weather Wood Decks, Pergolas & More

1) Old Paint Removal: Restoring the old structures involves a lot prepping. Collecting the essentials is part of it, but to restore the old exterior building, the wood needs to be assessed and to that, removing the old paint is the first step. Using a durable paint scraper, if the wood is fairly aged, scrape away the old paint. If the wood is fairly new, a sander can be used for this task. After the paint is completely removed, asses the wood; check for excessive damp wood, or any wood that is soft, brittle (known as dry rot) or decaying planks. The boards that are exhibiting any expedited deterioration or damage should be replaced; wood that is cracked, warped, or twisted should also be replaced. All the screws and nails should be replaced if they are rusted, loose, or damaged as well. Large areas that need replacing can be replaced with sections of lap siding to make the job easier.
2) Sanding: After the paint is removed and the replacement to damaged materials is finished, the all the wood to the structure should be completely sanded and brushed. Using a wire brush and electric sander can quicken the process and make it easier physically as well. Don’t be tempted to skip the sanding; it will remove any leftover paint remnants, the rough would is removed along with any other unwanted anomalies. Sanding will also enhance the aesthetics of the final result and contribute to the longevity of the structure.
3) Apply Caulk: To prevent water seepage, apply the caulk in the needed areas. A high-quality acrylic caulk should be used along the seams of the trimming around doors and windows along with in the corner joints. The caulk will offer more protection and durability as well as sharpen the overall look.
4) Clean Off Surface: Before the painting or finish is applied, use a pressurized nozzle for the hose, or a better option, rent a pressure washer if you know how to use one, or the best option and invest in a professional pressure washing. This process removes any leftover sanding debris, dirt, mud, and other particles on the surface that will mar the paints smooth application. Ensure any stains and spots are also removed and allow the wood to fully dry.
5) Stain or Paint Finish: Apply your preferred finish; ensure the one you chose is designed for exterior use and for the average climate in your area. If you are painting, be sure to use an oil-based primer first to enrich the paint job. To offer the structure increased protection, consider applying 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint; not only will the finished project look amazing, but the wood is better protected.

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There are many hours dedicated to restoring the little structure on the premises and the more experience you have can dramatically impact the end result. To make certain the project is completed quickly and efficiently, call in the professionals of McKay’s Painting.

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