How to Primer & Paint Wood Paneling With Grooves Without Sanding in Santa Barbara, CA

How to Primer & Paint Wood Paneling With Grooves Without Sanding in Santa Barbara, CA

Do you have some old wood paneling or have you moved into a house that has wood paneling? Although wood paneling is a great way to decorate a room, some people don’t particularly like this style. If you want to have the wood paneling removed and have a classic painted wall it can seem like a huge task to undertake. People are under the assumption that the wood has to be ripped down, the walls prepped and potentially new drywall installed. Then you can start to paint the walls. This is not really a true statement. You can remove the wood paneling if you want to but you can actually leave it in place and paint right over it. It isn’t as simple as being able to start painting away because there will be some prep work that needs to go into getting it ready. The outcome can be amazing and you might get the exact look that you wanted. Be sure that you use the right steps so that the final product looks amazing.

McKay’s Painting Lists Steps Needed to Paint Over the Wood Paneling in Your Home

Prepare Wood Paneling for Painting: This is the first and really one of the most important steps that are needed to have a good outcome. You need to go over the wood paneling and wash them down. This is to remove any dirt, dust and debris that may be on them. Wipe the edges and be sure to get in between all the grooves, cracks and gaps. The next step is to caulk and or fill in any holes that are in the wood. The paneling is just like any other wall and people will hang pictures and bump into it. That means that you need to fill these areas so you have a good clean finish in the end. After they are filled with some type of caulking you need to sand down the area that has been repaired. The wood does not actually have to be sanded down to prepare it for paint.
Primer for Wood Paneling: You need to work with the wood paneling so that the paint will not soak into the wood. The wood is often dark and will show through the paint if you don’t primer the walls. That will change the outcome of the color so you need to use a good oil based primer. You can use a roller that you would use for any kind of paint on the main area. You may need to cut in the cracks and gaps so that there are no areas skipped.
Paint Wood Paneling: This is the part that you have been waiting for. It is time to start the actual painting process. Be sure that you have taken time to pick out the right paint color, finish and how many coats you need to do the project. You want to order all the paint that is needed at the same time to get a good consistent finish.

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