How Do I Prepare My Deck for Spring in Camarillo, CA? Deep Cleaning, Refinishing & More

It will be spring before you blink though it seems like the New Year has just started. Getting your deck ready is one of them is one of the projects that should be tackled well before the weather starts improving. When the spring air is fresh, plants are awakened and kids are carefree and enjoying the sunshine after all, the deck is most enjoyable. With this in mind, there are some tips and advice on how you can make your deck ready for spring is what we at McKay’s Painting would like to share today.

Deep Deck Cleaning

It’s a little more involved than sweeping a layer of dirt away when we say clean your deck. Pull away the patio furniture, toys, trash, debris, dirt, mud, and piles of unused materials as you begin removing the clutter. This will help you to not be tempted to simply work around the grill, or other furnishings as you make the deck is bare. You can start your thorough cleaning once everything is completely removed. Don’t neglect all the nooks and crevices a sturdy broom is more useful to sweep the deck. All dirt and mud should be ultimately removed from the surface. Go over it once more to get the finer dirt brushed off with your push broom. Use a blunt scraper to knock the dirt loose if you have any areas that are stubborn. As the job is far more thorough and is done much faster using a professional power washing is well worth the investment.

Deck Repairs & Refinishing

Evaluate the deck boards once the deck is completely dry from any spot removal or power washing service. Sand away any blemishes replace any screws or nails that have wiggled loose and replace any worn boards. Be sure to use the appropriate grain do the job without adding any damage when sanding. Utilize screws and nails that are specific to wood decks. Select the wood finish you desire after you have completed the cleaning and maintenance. Be certain your finish is designed for exterior use and can withstand the general climate and average weather conditions prior to purchasing. Follow the labels directions and make certain the stain or finish is completely dry.

Deck Upgrades

You can impose some much-desired upgrades if you have the budget. If your deck is large enough consider such upgrades can include misters, ambient lighting, outdoor umbrellas, a ceiling fan, or even an outdoor kitchen. To help you find the best upgrades, professionals offer consulting services. Make sure all the furniture and such are properly cleaned off before you replace it on the deck after hours of hard work, time used, and money invested to get your deck in pristine condition. Enjoy your newly reformed deck!

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