Different Types of Trim Molding in Westlake Village, CA; Crown, Baseboard, Casing, Chair Railing & More

When you are finishing a space, one of the last things that you will install is the molding. Molding comes in a variety of styles and each of them add a unique finish to your space. It is hard to decipher between the different types of molding when making selections for your home. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about the different styles that are available to you to hopefully help you make the right selection for your home.

Casing Around Doors & Windows

As your doors and windows are installed in your home, there is a gap between the wall and the frames of your doors and windows. To hide this unsightly gap, casing is installed. This will finish the doors and windows of your room and make the room look completed.

Baseboard Trim Between Floor & Wall

Baseboards are used to cover the space where your walls meet your flooring. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Usually you can plan on baseboards being between 3 and 5 inches tall.

Crown or Cornice Molding Trim Piece where the Wall Meets the Ceiling?

Just like baseboards, crown molding comes in a variety of styles. This type of molding is used to finish the space where the walls meet the ceiling. They can be found in intricate or simple designs and get their name from the way they are the “crowning” feature when finishing a room.

Chair Railing to Protect Walls from Chair

Chair railing is usually used in place like dining rooms to protect the walls from chairs that will be pulled out from a table. It can also be used to transition from one wall color to another in the same room. It be can either functional or completely decorative.

Coving Border Around Ceiling

This molding is also used where walls and ceilings meet. It is a simple design that is concaved. You may also see coving found on stairs where risers and treads meet. This type of molding is simpler than crown molding.

Cornice Dentil

This type of molding is often found in historical or older homes and is intricate and beautiful. This type of molding has a design that includes evenly spaced blocks that repeats in a pattern.

Egg & Dart Cornice

This is an ornate molding is often paired with crown molding and a chair railing. It resembles Greek architecture with its intricate design. They have egg-shaped that alternate with V-like darts.

Bead & Pearl Detailed Molding

Bead and pearl moldings are very similar and simple yet beautiful. They both have small circular spheres that are located at the top of the molding. They add design in a very simple pattern.

Batten Molding

Batten is a small piece of molding that hides the seam found where two pieces of paneling meet. It is also commonly called board and batten.

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No matter what molding you choose for your home, the experts at McKay’s Painting can install and paint it for you. Nothing finishes a room like the right molding. Call us for any information and consultation on the right molding for your home or business.

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