Creative Wall Painting Ideas in Summerland, CA; Patterned Paint Roller, Ombre Walls & More

Creative Wall Painting Ideas in Summerland, CA; Patterned Paint Roller, Ombre Walls & More

When it is time for change, and you want to paint the walls without too much intricacy, finding some clever ideas to pull off a stunning interior paint job without too much hassle can be a challenge. If you are looking for options to make your interior paint look unique and still have a relaxing atmosphere, consider the following list below that we at McKay’s Painting prepared today.

Patterned Paint Roller

A wall can get so much dynamic instantly with the use of a patterned roller brush. Much like a stamp, the paint roller has designs or pictures molded on the surface. With a 2nd roller, you dip into the paint, the patterned roller comes into contact with wall as you brush the next roller to pick up the paint, which as you roll down then stamps it onto the wall. This will provide a way to create a smaller, more detailed pattern than the stenciling. The walls are also painting in a more uniformed manner.

Fade Paint Colors with an Ombre Wall

Essentially, an ombre wall is done with a gradient, or three different tones of the same color, in order to create a stunning look. If you can’t decide on one color, the ombre technique might be work for you. Generally, you will want to select a light, medium, and dark color from the same color family. Use the lightest shade to paint the entire wall in the lightest shade, medium shade, then the darkest.

Whimical Wall Switch Plates

For those with natural talent in artistry, you can hand paint designs around the light switches and outlets. If you want a subtle burst of color, but nothing too overwhelming, paint only around the light switch or electrical socket with an exciting pattern.

Textured World Map

For those whole love traveling, a hand-painted map on the “accent” wall can a fun presentation. If you depict accuracy, it can serve as a backdrop where you post pictures of the places you been in the coordinated area. A stunning hand-painted world map can be a centerpiece on your wall by adding texture like terrain on the continents using sponging techniques.

Brushed Bristle Effect

To give the project more appeal than a regular solid paint job, there endless possibilities to make creative little marks. One of the most interesting ways you can design your wall is with the Brushed Bristle Effect. It doesn’t look chaotic in the end and visual texture is not hard to achieve. Utilizing a wicker broom technique can help you reach the goal, just simply brush the bristles of the broom down the wall from ceiling to floor to create a bristle effect.

Stenciling on Walls

Stenciling is rather a natural looking design on your walls and it is a simple technique. When done correctly, stenciling delivers neat and clean edges. There are many ways to get the stenciling technique and they offer quite a few options.

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