Can You Restore a Badly Weathered, Dry Rotted or Termite Damaged Deck in Oxnard, CA?

If you desire a deck for your own needs, it is also an excellent investment as it increases your home value. Having a place to enjoy the company of family and friends outdoors is optimal, especially when the weather is favorable. There are more services for decks than most people realize and often a badly weathered deck can successfully be restored. McKay’s Painting deck services includes deck repair, deck finishing and painting, and power washing services.

How Often Should You Refinish a Deck?

Deck refinishing, re-staining or repainting services is essential for keeping up with the vibrancy and longevity of your deck. Every 3 years your deck should be refinished, to keep the wood well preserved and cared for. Not only does this keep your deck in prime condition, but it keeps the appearance pristine. Without the coat of protective finish, staining or painting, the deck can quickly deteriorate and the whole deck will need replacing. Deck refinishing services can maintain your deck, enhance the beauty and extend the lifespan.

When to Repair a Damaged Deck

Deck repair services are handy when in need. With constant use, every day exposure to the elements, and especially if maintenance duties were neglected, repairs are needed from time to time. Common deck problems that require repair can include:
– Wood boards become loosened, warped, cracked or rotted.
– Wood boards can experience too much pliability.
– Handrails can be loosened, or damaged.
– Support posts eventually weaken with age.

Deck Dry Rot & Termite Damage Repair

McKay’s Painting understands that without proper water sealing, wooden decks can experience wood rot. Water remaining on wood decks for a long period of time seeps into the porous wood surfaces and swells deck planks. The absorbed water then creates soft or spongy areas, rotting the wood and compromising the integrity of your deck or porch. The deeper the wood rot, the more likely the wood needs replaced with new deck boards.

Deck Power Washing Cleaning

A deck power washing service is often done in conjunction with repainting, re-staining or refinishing, but it can also be conducted when the deck has experienced excessive debris and cakes on filth. Power washing is a controlled water pressure removing the dirt, mud, soil, germs, bacteria, pollutants and even mold particles that might have build up over a season, or even a few years. McKay’s Painting crew members have advanced training and experience to ensure a detailed power washing is executed to give you a superior cleaned deck on your home.

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With McKays Painting meeting all of your residential home’s decks needs, you don’t have to worry. We will ensure you are well taken care of with our customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship. Call us today to get started with your deck maintenance!

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