Can I Just Stain My Deck in Thousand Oaks, CA? Staining what Boards Touch Ground & More

Decks do not stay looking beautiful forever, you need to re-stain them every so often. But the question you may be having is can I re-stain my deck? McKay’s Painting wants to go over a few situations where staining your deck may need some extra help. Because it may not work and be as easy as you had hoped.

Deck Boards Touch the Ground?

If you have a deck that is close to the ground then that wood on your deck will absorb the water from the ground. Moisture can have a negative impact on your deck. If there is moisture in the wood then the wood can start to rot. When you have rotted wood it can become a serious problem and even dangerous. If you have moisture in your wood it will also prevent staining your deck properly. It won’t let the wood fibers bond to the stain. So, your attempt to stain your deck will fail. When you have a deck that is very low to the ground it can cause a problem with the air ventilation when trying to stain it. When a deck is low to the ground it can trap hot air and not have a good airflow going through. When this happens, it can have a hard time keeping things dry. When the wood is not dry it has a hard time being stained.

Algae on Wood Deck

Algae can grow because there is moisture in the wood. When there is algae on the wood it can make it difficult for the stain to bond to the wood. You can try sanding or pressure washing to see if you can get the algae off but if you have any algae on your wood it can result in a failing stain job.

Is it Necessary to Sand a Wood Deck Before Staining?

Before you begin to stain your deck, sanding is a very important part of the process. It is one of the first things that you should do. Sanding an old deck can help an old deck look like new. But even though sanding will smooth the decks it does not get rid of cracks. You can try a filler or putty on the cracks but most do not hold up in winters or hot summers and do not stain when you re-stain your deck.

What Types of Stains are Best for Decks?

With stains, you can choose between solid or oil-based stains. When you go with a solid stain you can make your deck look like new but it is a very uniform and bright color. With oils, they will soak up more of the wood and you will have to do more coats. With oils, it can add a depth of color that will bring out the pigment of the wood. But oil stains are not UV light protected or do not do well with harsh weather.

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The best thing you can do if you are questioning or thinking about staining your deck is to hire a professional to come and look at it. McKay’s Painting knows a lot when it comes to staining decks and is willing to help you get your deck looking the way you want it.

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