Bright Interior Home Paint Colors to Make a Bedroom or Room Look Lighter in Westlake Village, CA

Bright Interior Home Paint Colors to Make a Bedroom or Room Look Lighter in Westlake Village, CA

Many people will repaint their home, especially when it begins to look a little run down. Paint has a way of rejuvenating your home’s age. However, a new coat of paint isn’t enough when it comes to following the newest trend used in today’s modern homes. Now there are new methods to help hide a home’s age. One trend is using bright colors instead of dull or flat colors. McKay’s Painting would like to share the new bright color trends and why more and more people are adding color to their home.

Tips for Painting with Bright Paint Colors

It became popular years ago to paint wall white, off white or light dull colors. This is what is referred to as “color shy.” However the latest trend is using brighter bolder colors. Using brighter colors helps add more personality into a room and especially when two or more colors are used in the same room. When you’re not sure about using bright colors, go online and start doing some research and look at pictures of those who have used bright colors and which colors match best together. This will help you imagine what colors will look better in your home and fit your personality best.

Using Bright Paint Colors for Interior & Exterior

When it comes to using brighter colors on your home’s exterior, you don’t want to paint the main color of your home in a bright color for a few reasons. You will want to paint your home in a nice color but one that reflects the sunlight to help keep your home cooler in the summer. This is why most home’s exterior are off white colors or light browns etc. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bright colors to help your home look more colorful outside. Use bright colors for accents. You will often see doors, door and window trim, and shutters painted in a bright red, blue, green, and other bright colors to bring more personality to your home’s exterior.

Bright Primary or Accent Paint Colors

When painting with bright colors inside the home you can go a little more inventive with color. Some people like the brighter color as accents just like the outside of the home, while others will reverse the concept. Many will use a bright color and use a dull color as accent, most often a white or gray is used as an accent color. Once again for both interior and exterior painting ideas, put in your color choice and see what other people have done with these colors. You may find something you like.

Dark Paint Color Accent Walls

Sometimes dark colors don’t always work out. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to use dark colors. Many people will say it makes a room feel smaller. Dark colors as accents can actually make the room feel bigger. When using a dark color, use them behind a piece of large furniture or wall décor piece. This helps create a theatrical backdrop and can make a room feel bigger. Dark color is best used as an accent wall and accents such as doors, trim, and floor boards.

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