Zen Room Decorating Paint Colors in Casitas Springs, CA; Icy Blue, Lilac Purple, Khaki Green, Light Pink & More

Our homes are our sanctuary, especially during present circumstances, as it is our place of comfort, calming, and relaxing place to unwind. Our home is supposed to give us the space to be ourselves and feel comfortable in times of stress and anxiety. Paint colors and items we surround ourselves with affect our mood heavily. A Zen room can be the right element in your home as it emphasizes a calming feel to your Greater Santa Barbara, CA home. McKay’s Painting would like to discuss Zen Painting.

Zen Paint Colors

Icy Blue. Often seen as calming and peaceful, blue communicates a calm presence. Blue suggests stability and reliability. For those days you may want to get some work done between, blue is also known to induce productivity.
Lilac Purple. In any space, purples exude great serene energy. Reminding the person enjoying the room of a delicate flower, especially a light purple lilac. Complimented with light furniture and airy decorations, it is calming and serene for any room. Purple communicating a sense of wisdom and strength many feel they can daydream and feel happy.
Soft Browns and Blacks. Feelings of power and calm is commonly an evoked feeling from black. To make a room feel intimate and cozy can be done through black is an incredibly popular color, and light black. Inspiring more feelings of nature, light browns give a more earthy tone. To make the room cozier, it has a nurturing quality.
Lights Pinks and Beige. Being the perfect touch of color, these colors offer a sense of royalty, cleanliness, and simplicity, light pinks and beiges. A great base for any wall, beige is great for blending and using brighter colors for other accents. Inspiring relaxation and tranquility, these colors are simple and sweet. A light pink can influence feelings of femininity, royalty, and chicness. Along with the delicateness of flowers and softness, it reminds one of refreshment and vibrancy.
Khaki Green. It stresses the inhabitant of green, as the green establishes a sense of serene nature. For a plant lover with a green thumb, green is a perfect color to create a space with a green room can mimic a greenhouse of sorts. Representing the natural world, it evokes a natural feeling. As a fresh new plant, green is also reminiscent of optimism.

Zen Room Decorating Ideas

Once you establish the color scheme, it is time to complete your Zen space. A Zen room is not far behind with the perfect color for your base. Choose furniture and elements that will create the perfect space for you since you must choose a color that you most connect with. By considering your wall colors and flooring options, you can create harmony. Although light grays and beige can also be complimentary, it may go for natural wood flooring to remind them of nature. Stick with the earthy and calming and utilizing light-colored furniture is best along with wood stained tables and chairs. Adding feelings of vibrancy and excitement to the room, accents and accessories can be a fun pop of color. A Zen room is perfect for housing elements of nature like plants and water displays.

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