Wood Deck Restoration in Valley Village, CA; How to Restore & Refinish Weathered Decks

When restoring a deck it can become a major chore and one that can take weeks, especially when doing it yourself. To ensure the longevity of any deck, refinishing and maintenance is key. A deck should be refinished and repaired when needed. In most cases, a deck should be refinished every three to five years. With decks demanding so much work to maintain, McKay’s Painting will share how to properly restore a deck and when to seek help.

Deck Repair Services

Each deck will vary on how much work they will require when it comes to being restored and maintained. As decks age, the more work they seem to demand, starting with repairs. Before beginning any deck restoration job, the deck should first be inspected. Make a list of the deck’s needs, such as board replacement, damage, presence of any mold or mildew, and even pests. Dealing with repairs, pests, and contaminants such as mold, should be done first as removing old boards, tightening of screws or nails and etc. can create debris and a mess. Any feature or material that is required to be repaired or replaced should be done first, followed by clean up.

Pressure Wash Deck Cleaning

You will clean the deck multiple times during a deck restoration. You will want to sweep away any debris and rinse the deck and treat the wood for any contaminates. Remove any metal railing or other features that are not wood as well to begin the next step. After cleaning the deck and removing any items on the deck such as furniture, you will want to begin removing the deck’s stain or paint.

Deck Sanding

Chemicals are not always needed, often a pressure cleaning can remove old layers of paint easily enough. Begin with sanding the wood with a lower grit sandpaper to strip off the surface of the wood. Sanding is one of the hardest tasks and it helps to have a large crew sanding down the wood alongside you. After sanding down the surface with a lower grit paper, use a higher grit to smooth the surface of the wood. Often it takes three stages of sanding with a higher grit paper each time you sand the wood to ensure a smooth surface. After sanding the wood you will want to clean the wood in preparation for the paint or stain.

Paint or Stain an Outdoor Wood Deck

When using a paint make sure to use a quality exterior paint to assure the wood is protected. When using stain make sure to use an exterior stain and sealer as well. The better quality of paint or stain, the longer between refinishes. When painting or staining a deck it is recommended to do at least two coats. However, three coats is strongly encouraged. After painting or staining the wood, take the time to refinish other features if any. Features such as metal railing can be repainted, as well as other deck features can be refinished or repainted and reinstalled.

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It is important to take the time and do each step it takes to properly restore a deck. A deck is a major investment to any home. For many, finding the time, tools and techniques to restore a deck properly may not be possible. If you need to restore your home’s deck, contact McKay’s Painting. We provide quality services including deck refinishing. Contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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