Why Should You Paint the Exterior of Your Commercial Building in Oxnard, CA? Add Curb Appeal, Branding & More

For those who own or manage a commercial building or center, you may wonder if you should invest in repainting the building exterior. Repainting a commercial building’s exterior is no simple task and it is a major investment. If you are not sure if it is the right decision, McKay’s Painting would like to share some of the benefits of having your commercial building’s exterior repainted.

Long Lasting Exterior House Paint

Exposure to the elements overtime has its effects on the outside of any building, including commercial structures. A commercial building is exposed to the sun, wind, rain and people. People can have a major effect on the outside of the commercial building. There are people who will stick gum, tag, or spill on the outside of the building. You have pests as well as the weather that also affects the building’s aesthetics and integrity. Maintaining a fresh coat of paint will help provide a protective layer that will help extend the life of the building’s exterior. You will save money on repairs and extend the life of the building. Paint can seal out moisture and pests which will prevent major damage within the building. When repainting the exterior of a commercial building every few years you are ensuring the building is protected.

Exterior Painting Adds the Most Curb Appeal

Maintaining the exterior of a commercial building improves curbside appeal. Curbside appeal helps the business owner attract clients or customers and improve the quality of the community. When a commercial property lets its aesthetics go, it has an effect on the entire community. Additionally, it can affect profits for the businesses. By maintaining the outside of the building, you help keep the building look cared for and clean. Fresh paint helps remove the appearance of water stains, graffiti and other flaws. The building will look well-kept, drawing in more foot traffic and increasing business. Curbside appeal has a major impact on the community and surrounding businesses, for this reason it is beneficial to repaint and keep the building always looking it’s best.

Color is Important for Marketing & Brands

Depending on the nature of a commercial building, sometimes the need to repaint is due to a switch over in branding or business. When you think of a well-known business, you often think about their logo or the color of their building. Color plays a major role in branding a business. If a new business moves into a commercial center the building is often painted to match the business. If you want to re-brand your business and you own the building, you may want to repaint the building. This simple act of painting the building to match your new brand will help greatly. Have the exterior of the commercial building fit the business, the color alone helps to advertise and help people find the right location.

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There are many benefits to repainting the outside of the commercial building. If you decide it is time to repaint the commercial building’s exterior and you want quality painting services, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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