Why it is Better to Hire a Professional Painter Over Painting Your Home Yourself in Thousand Oaks, CA

While painting your home can be a fun do-it-yourself project, it’s really not as easy as YouTube videos and DIY websites make it look, and things can go south quickly. The last thing you want in your home is a paint job that looks less than perfect. McKay’s Painting understands how important it is to have it done right and beautifully so that you are proud to have people in your home. We can provide results you want to show off.

Good Surface Preparation is Important

From the beginning of the project, including laying down the proper protection like drop clothes to prevent spills or other mistakes that can occur while painting. Covering furniture. Also properly using painters tape to prevent a ruined paint job is important to us. Once the job is finished then our company also does all the clean up. Yup we handle it all! Our experienced painters are well qualified and trained to give you the best service and the most professional looking finish.

Paint Color Consultant Can Help You Choose Colors

It’s vital that we get the color you’ll love to show off right the first time. We’ll have someone who can help you choose the best most durable colors without it being what it would cost to buy a new home. McKay’s Painting specializes in the most difficult parts of painting your home yourself such as hard to reach places like the roof. We can do textures and even multiple colors. You aren’t even limited to just one room we can handle multiple at a fraction of the cost and time it may have taken you to do it alone.

Professionals Paint Efficiently & Achieve a Flawless Finish

Our staff manage the whole process from start to finish and communicate with you throughout to make sure that you are happy with the way things are being handled. Your home will be treated with the respect you would expect from professionals. McKay’s Painting will do the job we would want done in our own homes. We want you to trust us to do a great job and to take the best care of your home. We use only nontoxic, lead free paints which is an especially important safety measure around your children and pets.

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While doing it yourself can be fun it can also be a long and often stressful project. A project that may have only taken professionals days can sometimes take you weeks or even months to do yourself. With our help and qualified experts painting your home can make a job that may have taken you days only hours depending on the number of areas you need done. Having professionals in your home should be a pleasurable experience and you can enjoy the work done for years to come at a fraction of the price it might have cost you if you had done it yourself and, heaven forbid, made a mistake. But if you choose to try it on your own first and your dream turns into a nightmare call a professional like McKay’s Painting to correct the problem and make your dreams come true. Call us today!

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