Why is Professional Drywall Repair Important in Oak View, CA? Blending Texture, Match Existing Paint Color & More

If you have ever tipped a chair over and had it hit a wall you know how quickly your wall can end up with a hole in it. If you have rowdy boys that seem to rough house and knock something into the wall you are sure to have a hole. Holes in the drywall are inevitable in any home across America. Even if you are careful you still have areas that are going to need to be patched on occasion. One instance you may not think about is hanging artwork. Have you ever hammered a nail in the wall and then realized you’ve damaged the drywall? Drywall damage is not always large and many times is quite small. These smaller holes won’t cause any concern until you go to rearrange a room and remove the picture or art from the wall. You may also notice that the recliner has made an indentation in the wall. When you move the room around you want to make sure that the repairs are done so that you can have the room looking its best. Whether you have small or large holes in your drywall you want to be sure that your repairs are done by a professional. McKay’s Painting has the benefits of hiring a professional to patch your drywall damage.

Blending Texture

If you are sick of seeing the holes in the wall you will be very unhappy if the new patch does not blend in with the rest of the wall. The patch has to be done by an expert to ensure that the wall and the patch match up invisible and are not noticeable at all. You want them to blend together nicely so that no one can even tell that you have any damage. The drywall area that needs to be repaired is sanded down and a patch is placed in the spot that the old drywall was removed from. The next step takes training and experience to achieve a flawless finish and that is the texture. Most walls have some form of texturing done to them when they are prepped for paint. The patch will not match that texture automatically but will take the skilled hand of a drywall contractor. Once it is complete the area is ready for paint.

Match Existing Paint Color

When you are having your drywall repaired this is a great time to throw a fresh coat of paint on the wall. If you choose to forgo the all over paint you still want the patch to match the color of the rest of the wall. That is where the expert can help. We can have paint matched to the current color of the wall and repaint the area where the drywall was repaired.

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