Why is Painting the Exterior of a House or Business Storefront in Santa Paula, CA Important?

During our in depth consultation, you can dictate the custom painting options, confirm starting dates and duration of the process. Our experts at McKay’s Painting will outline the process and answer any questions you have. Our professionals have been masterfully trained and certified, along with possessing all necessary licenses and credentials to give our valued customers superior exterior painting services with professional courtesy and satisfactory application, you will not look elsewhere for future services.

How Do I Prepare the Exterior of My House for Painting?

The thorough and meticulous preparation work McKay’s Painting crew members perform, the exterior painting process goes smoothly and beautifully. Necessary repairs are executed to the exterior surfaces, along with appropriate maintenance protocols. We utilize professional grade equipment, tools, supplies and products, in conjunction with our technician’s expertise, your residential home or commercial business will receive superior quality exterior painting service. A typical exterior painting service includes, but not limited to the following:
– Pressure washing to ensure all dust, mold spores and other contaminates are thoroughly removed.
– Repairs and maintenance procedures are performed such as; caulk replacing, sanding away peeling or rough aged paint, siding repairs or any other needs the exterior of the building requires.
– Preparations are made to ensure paint messes and accidents are contained without blemishing other places.
– After project is compete, our crew members complete clean and remove equipment and waste.
– The exterior paint is then inspected for customer satisfaction.
Anyone who has every had an exterior house painting service done sloppily and poorly knows how imperfect the overall esthetics appears, along with the peeling, and inability to resist the natural elements, leaving your home exposed to catastrophic conditions. Getting the exterior paint refreshed will leave your home vibrant and safeguarded. McKay’s Painting has always done each project with precision and care to offer each of our valued customers with gratifying results.

Why is Commercial Exterior Painting Important?

Commercial buildings need a fresh coat of exterior paint periodically, being prone to attract customers and employees, having the hottest new trend can help your business stand out. If your business doesn’t reach customers directly, it is still beneficial to demonstrate to your staff the quality of ownership you represent. Not only will they value your efforts, but they will be comfortable in well maintained building. For commercial establishment that services the public, having your facility painted periodically suggest your intentions of longevity. Fresh paint stands out, especially on older buildings, and when the outside receives an exterior painting service from McKay’s Painting, you will see the many benefits in customer retention and expansion.

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For your exterior painting needs, for homes and businesses alike, McKay’s Painting professionals have you covered with outstanding results. Call us today to get started!

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