Why is My Paint Bubbling & Blistering in Summerland, CA? Improper Surface Preparation, How to Fix & More

When you have paint on your walls you want it to look smooth, balanced and neat. The paint on your walls has a big impact in the space and will be the anchor of the room. The wall color that you choose will end up setting the tone for the space. The color and the accents that you select will make sure that you get the end result that you want. The issue is when you need to have the rooms repainted because you are up against some issues with your current paint. The paint on the walls can start to chip, peel, bubble and more. You want to make sure you avoid letting any of these issues occur again. You want to understand what causes the paint to bubble so that you can avoid this from happening again. McKay’s Painting outlines what to do when you have paint that is bubbling away from the wall.

Improper Surface Preparation for Painting

One of the most important aspects of painting a wall is to make sure you have a surface that has been prepped properly. This is the main way that paint will start to bubble on a wall. The most common issue is that you did not have your walls cleaned before you applied new paint to the wall. The dirt can be under the new layer of paint and as it starts to dry the paint will create air pockets that look like a bubble when it dries. The other issue can be from not having damage that has been repaired. These small divots, dents and holes need to be addressed and repaired before paint has arrived. The paint needs to have a properly prepped area to adhere to and to dry on. These are all things that will create gaps and will not allow the paint to adhere. Then air will be left under the surface and the bubbles will start to form. The other issue is that you could moisture behind the paint that is causing the bubble to be created. This can come after the paint has dried and there is a leak that is coming through the wall. The moisture can make the paint come away from the wall.

Scrape Blistering Paint on Wood

You want to make sure that if you have bubbles that have formed under your paint you take care of it. The paint will not smooth back out and that means that it needs to be repaired. The first thing that you need to do is to remove as much of the paint that has bubbled up as possible. This is to start prepping the area so that it can be painted over again. The scrapping is an important aspect of the work to ensure that you do not have damaged paint that is causing the next layer to follow suite.

How to Fix Bubbling Paint

The next thing that you want to make sure that you do is to have the paint touched up. You need to use paint that is a match to the rest of the wall or you want to make sure that you have the whole room repainted. This is the best way to get your walls back to what you want them to look like with smooth and neat paint.

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