Why Exterior Paint is So Important for Buildings in Port Hueneme, CA; Protect from Weather & More

When deciding on investing on an exterior paint job, sometimes it is hard to justify the cost when the need arises. Homes and businesses alike need the periodic maintenance of getting a new exterior paint job. Whether it is for a new coat of the existing color, or to invoke a change of color, getting the exterior paint job for your abode or commercial space has quite a list of benefits. Today, we at McKay’s Painting would like to relate those benefits and advantages for your consideration when wrestling with the choice of fresh exterior paint service.

Benefits of Good Quality Exterior Residential Paint

There are quite a few benefits to having the exterior of your castle painted, some may even surprise you.
1. Prevent Insect Damage. Pests like carpenter ants and termites are eager to make exposed wood a meal. When you give your home a fresh coat of paint or stain, it seals in areas that the paint may have worn away, leaving the wood exposed. Periodically investing in an exterior paint service can reduce the chances of being stricken by wood devouring pests.
2. Weather and Climate Protection. Harsh winters or scorching summers can influence structures and paints. Having a fresh coat of paint can help safe guard your home and better protect it from the elements.
3. Siding Longevity. All materials used in siding have an exceptional life span, vinyl siding, for example, can potentially last 50 years. However, if not efficiently protected, the daily wear and tear, climate exposure and outdoor commonality or even unique circumstances can deteriorate your siding and force it into early retirement. Exterior painting maintenance can contribute to the longevity of your siding.
4. Burst Curb Appeal. Esthetics can truly make a difference, especially when trying to attract buyers for your home. Unfortunately the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to home, but so many people to do it. Even if you are not putting your palace on the market, having a fresh coat of paint can enhance the beauty of your property for yourself.
5. Minimizes Structure Decline. When your home is left unprotected, mildew and mold can easily settle in favorable conditions. Keeping your home coated with a high quality exterior paint can keep the negatively impacted components at bay to better preserve your home structure, and to avoid costly troubles down the road.

Why Exterior Paint is Important for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings can easily share in the benefits of home exterior painting, but there are a few additional benefits worth mentioning.
1. Customer Retention & Referrals. The front of your business is when many folks make their first impressions of your business. Having an esthetically pleasing and trendy exterior paint job can immediately send a positive message to your existing clientele, which will be eager and proud to send their friends and family to. Walk-ins would be more intrigued and comfortable heading into a well presented business.
2. Employee Morale. Employees are more enthusiastic and productive when they know their employer cares about presentation and keeping guests and employees happy and comfortable.

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There are many additional benefits and advantages to investing in exterior painting for your home or business. Ensuring a professional achieves your goal is essential to having the pristine and thorough paint job. Our professionals at McKay’s Painting have the experience, expertise and talents to execute amazing and incredible services, including exterior paint tasks. Call us today to get started!

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