Why Does Same Paint Color Look Different in Camarillo, CA? Mixing Problem, Reflects Light, Dries Darker & More

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to choose what they deem the perfect color to paint the inside or outside of their home only to find that once it is applied to their house, it looks entirely different. Even though this may be common, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is extremely frustrating. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about why this happens so often so that you can hopefully be more prepared for the next time you paint your home.

Paint Mixing Problem

When your paint is initially mixed at the store, there are likely several different colors that were put into that can to make the color you have selected. They definitely shake it well in the machinery they use that vigorously shakes the can to death. However, on your way home, those colors all start to settle again. This means that every time you start to paint, you need to be stirring it well before doing so to ensure those colors are properly mixed again. When you are painting the outside of your home, it will take several buckets of paint to get the job done. If you aren’t stirring the paint often, the paint is going to look different from bucket to bucket. Make sure you are stirring it enough that your paint is mixed and ready to go.

Paint Colors Reflect Light

Have you ever noticed how different the inside of your house looks when the sun goes down or even behind a cloud? Light has a profound effect on the way that your paint colors look. This is why it is wise to look at the paint samples you get from the store in different light. You should put them on your home and then look at them periodically throughout the day. As the light rises and sets, the way that the color looks will be different and you need to know that you like it in all of its different shades.

Does Paint Dry Darker or Lighter?

When you first apply paint, it looks a bit different than it will as it dries. Usually the paint gets slightly darker as it dries. The samples you got from the store should be showing you what the paint will look like when it is completely dried, but as we mentioned above, lighting is going to have the biggest effect on what your paint looks like dried.

Surfaces Underneath Paint Can Impact the Overall Look

If you are trying to cover up a darker color under your paint and haven’t used a primer, it can affect the color that the paint is. You should always put at least two coats of paint to cover dark colors and use a primer to ensure it doesn’t show through.

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