Why Do Cans of Paint Have Different Prices? Does the Quality & Sheen Matter to Your Interior Painting Projects in Camarillo, CA?

Why Do Cans of Paint Have Different Prices? Does the Quality & Sheen Matter to Your Interior Painting Projects in Camarillo, CA?

When you are deciding on a new car, home, mattress or home improvement project, most people are looking for a great deal. They want to get the best item while paying the least amount of money for it. That is the holy grail of negotiations. The problem comes when you do a home improvement project and you buy the cheapest options. The outcome may end up being lackluster. You don’t always have to pay the highest prices but you should at least know what the differences are in each product. When it comes to the paint that is used on the interior of your home there seems to be endless options. You first have to look around for the right color which can be an agonizing process. The colors all seem to look the same after a while. Now you need to look at the quality of the paint that is being used. You may think that it really doesn’t matter what paint you use as long as you get the right color but the outcome will matter.

McKay’s Painting Explains Why the Quality Of Paint You Are Using In Your Home Painting Projects Matters

Why Do Cans of Paint Have Different Prices: This is a confusing question that many people have. There are five brands and styles of paint that all seem to come in the shade of blue you want to use. Why are they all a different price and what is the reason for it? When it comes to paint it all boils down to chemistry. The mixture of each element really determines the outcome. There is a component to the paint that is referred to as sheen. The sheen level adds to the price and that is because the paint is more durable, the more sheen is in it. It also means the paint is easier to clean when it dries. The problem with too much sheen is that it also will show off every dent and scratch on the wall. A good balance in the sheen is a great quality option.
Do You Need to Use the Best Quality Paint for Every Project?: This is a great question and the answer in a sense is no. If you are managing an apartment complex and you have tenants in and out each month you don’t want to over pay for painting when you are likely going to be doing it again at the end of the lease. The walls usually need to be done between each tenant and that can get pricey. Most management companies instead choose to use a flat light color paint on all the walls and ceilings. If you are a homeowner and you are choosing a paint quality you want to go with a better one. The walls in your home are yours and you want to have them lasting as long as possible. The walls should have some sheen so you can clean those little finger prints off with ease. The ceiling is off limits and no one should be touching them so you can use a flat paint there if you want to.
Why Are There So Many Options When it Comes to Paint Quality?: There are options because not every room or family has the same needs when it comes to paint. A commercial building may want a different quality grade than a retired couple with no children or a large family with lots of young children and pets. The options exist to fit each situation and it is best to ask the professionals. If you are not sure what quality is best for you consult a painting company.

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