Whole House Open Floor Plan Paint Color Palette to Unify Home Interior in Simi Valley, CA

Has your home turned into a clown home with too many paint colors that just don’t work with each other? You may have one of these homes with paint colors that conflict and separates the home. When the home’s colors begin to drive you nuts, you may decide it is time to repaint the home. However, how do you paint the home using different colors but still make it look unified? McKay’s Painting would like to share a few tips on picking the right color pallet that will unify the entire home.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Open Floor Plan

When painting the home with different colors and wanting those colors to work well together and unify the home, the best place to start is the large open spaces. The larger open areas should be painted with a light neutral color. You never want your home to feel dark and closed in. The large open areas that are visible from more than one place in the home should be painted white, tan, or gray, especially when other joining rooms may be painted a different color. Another more colorful option are blues and sage green colors. Never use too dark or to bold of colors for it’s harder to unify the home with other colors and require all adjoining rooms to be painted the same color.

Paint Colors for Small Rooms

When painting the home, the next step is to paint the individual rooms that connect with the open spaces. Some of the open spaces will connect to another room through a small hall or opening. Where these rooms are in view of the open spaces, they should blend with the open space paint color. This doesn’t mean it has to be the same color. However, you will want a transitional color and one that rolls into the next color such as green to a yellow, or blue to a gray. Individual rooms that are closed off can often be painted any color without too much distraction.

Accent Wall Color Combinations

For large open floor plans, you may want to use more than one color in the home to make each area seem separate or simply for more diverse colors. One of the best ways to transition different color is by using an accent wall. The accent wall can be a bold color and take the attention away for the different colors.

More Whole House Paint Color Advice

It can be hard to know what color blends or transitions from one another. This is why it is recommended to look for color references. With computers and smart phones you can easily go online and begin looking for color palletes that bring color into the home and that are unified. Additionally, you can see the colors on the wall and see if you like greens, blue, gray or yellows. There are so many different colors and each can affect the home in different ways. Some top places to visit are Pinterest or Houzz as they have a ton of reference material to begin you on your way to your next painting project.

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