When to Repair or Replace Vinyl Siding in Ventura, CA? Cracks, Wood Rot, Water Damage & More

When to Repair or Replace Vinyl Siding in Ventura, CA? Cracks, Wood Rot, Water Damage & More

The siding on your home plays an important part in the structure of your home. It protects it from water, air, dirt and pests all year long. When sections of your home’s siding is damaged, it can cause problems. Should you repair or replace damaged siding? It’s a quick fix to just patch up a rotten or broken area, but it’s not always the most beneficial solution.

When Replacing Vinyl Siding a Good Investment?

1. Eliminate siding maintenance work. As soon as you start replacing pieces of siding, know that it won’t be the last. Areas of wood that are rotting will start to affect healthy wood. This will result in constant repairs. As siding gets older it needs sanding and refinishing to keep the wood healthy. Vinyl siding eliminates these issues and the only maintenance required is a spray with the garden hose or power washing.
2. Improve energy efficiency. Damaged areas of siding allow air to flow into your home. If it’s summer, it will be warm air, in the winter, cold air. When this happens, the result will be higher energy costs. Vinyl siding is a great option to eliminate this issue. Your energy bills will come down and your home will be a more comfortable place to live any time of the year.
3. Increase curb appeal and home value. Vinyl siding can look just like wood and can last for years. You can sit back and watch your neighbor continue to repair areas of his siding and yours will look as good as it did the day it was installed. There are also style and color options that allow you to change the color of it if you like.

Signs You Need Siding Repair

Repair is a popular choice because it’s fast and costs less, but it may not be the answer. Repairs are recommended when you notice cracking and chipping. These are usually easily repaired, or a single panel of siding can be done at low-cost. Minor mold issues can be repaired if it’s removed quickly and you’ve fixed what’s causing it. Dents aren’t problematic but can be repaired. Loose panels can also be repaired and/or replaced.

When to Replace Vinyl Siding

Most of the time repairs can meet your needs, but there are times that repairable issues will eventually lead to replacement. Any kind of rot is a clear indication that siding is starting to fail. When maintenance starts happening more than once a year, this is also a sign you need replacement. As is when your siding gets faded from the sun and you’re not happy with the way it looks. Newer siding options can improve visual appeal, protect your home better and even save you money in energy costs.

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