When Does Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum & Other Siding Need to Be Replaced in Isla Vista, CA?

When Does Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum & Other Siding Need to Be Replaced in Isla Vista, CA?

Your home has several options for what is used on the outside. You can have a brick house that uses the brick as the exterior option. You also could have a house that has stucco as the exterior and others have siding. The type of exterior that you have on your home usually has a lot to do with the neighborhood that your home is in and what the builder chooses to use. It also has a lot to do with the time era that your home was built in as well as what is in style. If your home has siding as do many homes you need to make sure that you keep an eye on the siding and when it needs to be repaired or replaced. There are signs that you can look for when you are trying to determine if it is time to replace the siding on your home.

McKay’s Painting Outlines Whether Siding Needs Repair or Replacement

Warped or Rotted Siding: The first and one of the simplest things you can look for is if the siding that is on the house has started to warp or rot. The siding can be made from several materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic and other man made materials. You want to look for siding pieces that are no longer straight and holding perfectly up to the side of the house. The siding should all run in unison with each other and if you start to see them pull away or have a wave to them there is a problem. The best option that you have is to replace them with new and improved siding. The other problem that you will see is usually with wood siding that has become rotted out. You can see parts of the siding that is soft and falling apart. If the wood has become soft it is likely rotted out whether from termite damage or water and moisture.
Holes in Siding: If you take a look around the home and check the siding you may start to see small or even large holes in them. If you notice there are pieces that have holes even if they happen to be small it can still be a problem. The hole can be created by a pest that is eating away at other areas of the house. The holes can also create the space that is needed for moisture to start to collect and that will cause rotting to start and mold and mildew will grow. You want a smooth and clean finish that is able to prevent the elements to get under the siding.
Damaged Siding: The other problem that you might have with your siding is when it has been damaged. This can be from water, moisture, something that has hit the side of the house and more. If there are areas that are damaged on the house the best option that you have is to replace the area and or the entire house. You can rest assured that the siding all matches and is in good condition.

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