When Does Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl Siding Need to Be Replaced in Newbury Park, CA?

When Does Wood, Aluminum or Vinyl Siding Need to Be Replaced in Newbury Park, CA

The siding on your home gives it character and charm and can do a lot for the curb appeal too. The siding on your home is seen more than a reflection of the homeowners tastes as it serves another more important and functional purpose. The biggest job siding has is to protect the interior structure of the home from the elements it’s exposed to. These include humidity, rain, ongoing moisture, temperature fluctuations and pests that can cause damage. For these reasons, it’s very important to take care of the siding on your home. You also need to be aware of the signs that it might be time to replace it. If siding is neglected and problems are left unchecked, you may be looking at a more expensive replacement rather than repair and the cost can also sky rocket if there is damage to the internal walls and structure of the home due to neglect.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Siding

1. Siding that is peeling or cracking– If you notice a chalky texture on your siding or you see cracks chips or holes in it, it may be time to have your siding replaced. These signs can be an indication that there are more serious issues behind the siding from penetrating moisture, mold or wood rot.
2. Siding that is warped or buckling– If you notice bulging on your siding when you look at it for the side these are signs of warping and buckling and another indication it may need to be replaced. These problems are caused by moisture getting under the siding and then causes the boards on the underside to rot and push the siding out. When you see this, your siding isn’t protecting your home.
3. Siding that has fungus and mold– Moisture problems will cause fungus and mold to start growing and your siding will need to be replaced because if you see fungus and mold on your siding, chances are good that the problem is behind the siding too.
4. Siding where seams are separating– You may also need to replace your siding if you notice the seams in between the siding boards starting to pull apart. This can be caused by poor installation and aged siding. Rain and moisture can get into these separations and cause damage.
5. Paint and wallpaper that is peeling– An indication inside your home will be paint and wallpaper that is peeling or sagging. This can happen when there are moisture or water issues in the back side of the wall that is closest to the siding. Siding that is in need of replacement will allow moisture to have these affects on your paint and wallpaper.

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If you notice any of these issues, your siding is no longer doing its job and may need a repair or replacement. The longer you wait, the more damage your home can experience. Contact the professionals at McKay’s Painting to determine what needs to be done. Give us a call today.

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