When Does Siding Need to Be Replaced in Oxnard, CA? Warped, Bowing, Bulging & More

When Does Siding Need to Be Replaced in Oxnard, CA? Warped, Bowing, Bulging & More

When the weather starts to warm up most people will start to spend more time outdoors. This means that you are more aware of the plants, trees, shrubs, walkways and homes exterior. When you start to notice trouble with these areas the spring time weather is a great time to have them repaired and updated. One area that you want to check on after a long cold winter happens to be the siding on your home. The siding is the line of defense that your home has from the elements and it should be in good condition. If it is not you are not only stuck having your siding replaced but you may have allowed damage to get further in the home as well. Siding is a part of the homes décor as well and most people want to have good curb appeal and want their home to look inviting. The way you do that is to make repairs when needed such as replacing the siding when necessary.

McKay’s Painting Lists Signs You Need to Replace Your Home’s Siding

Siding Has Warped or is Bulging: One of the main signs that your siding is damaged and needs to be replaced is the presence of warping. The siding may be an aluminum material, wood or plastic that should be able to hold up under the weather. Even though siding is supposed to hold up, it still has a shelf life and over time will need to be replaced. The warping often comes from too much heat on a particular area. The heat may be overwhelming and if the siding is vinyl or plastic is can start to melt and look like it has warped. If you have wood siding and it is not properly sealed moisture can allow the wood to warp as well.
Bubbled & Rippled Paint on Siding: Over time paint on the exterior of your home will have been overexposed to sun, rain and wind that it can start to crack or bubble. The paint that is used on the outside of your siding can also become victim to these same elements. When you start to see that the paint on the siding is bubbling, cracking or peeling you may need to have them replaced. The paint acts as a barrier and when that barrier has been exposed the moisture may get under the paint and damage the siding.
Buckling Siding Seams: Another sign that your siding is in need of replacement is if you start to notice the seams are not smooth. Each piece of siding should be set close to the one next to it and sealed or often caulked together. When the seams start to come apart of lift away from the house you may need to have the siding replaced. The open seams will start to allow moisture into the home as well as stop it from insulation the home the way that it should.

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