What Type of Paint Finish is Best for Your Somis, CA House; Flat for Ceilings, Eggshell for Walls & More

Many people want to have their house looking great and will also make some changes to keep it that way. One of the areas of the house that can be updated is the walls and the paint color that is on them. When you are ready to update the color of the walls there are several things that you need to consider. The process will take some time to do so be sure that you have the time. You also want to make sure that the rooms are all cleared out so that the walls can be exposed. You also have to remove the art off the walls which will allow the painter to make any drywall repairs as well. The repairs are necessary to ensure that the finished product is what you want. You also want to make sure that you are happy with the paint colors that you choose. The color is something that goes on one color and will dry a different color. It is best to make sure you know what it looks like in the day, night and after it has dried. Sample paint is a great way to do that. Lastly you need to choose the right finish. McKay’s Painting outlines what paint finish might be best for your home.

Flat Paint Meaning

There are several types of paint finish you can choose from. The lowest end option that is not used often in single family residences is flat paint. The term flat refers to the shine that is given when the paint has dried. Flat means that there is no shine at all and that the paint will look and feel chalky. There are some instances that this finish is the best option. The flat paint is something that is difficult to clean when there are fingerprints and dirt on the walls. When you clean with a wash rag it can create a mess and when you use a magic eraser it will strip the paint away. That makes it impossible to keep clean when you have kids or even anyone in the house. Ceilings are ideal for flat paint.

Eggshell Or Satin Paint Finishes

The next level of paint finish that you can choose is called satin or eggshell depending on the company that you purchase the paint from. The paint color will not change but the level of shine does move up. The shine is low and has a small amount of luster that will be given off when the paint dries. This is a great option for most homes because it offers some shine that makes it easier to keep clean. It also has a low level of shine so that any small imperfections will not stand out when the paint dries.

Gloss Paint Finish

The last option that there is to choose from is called gloss or even high gloss. This of course will dry with a high level of shine. Although it is not ideal for walls in your home it is a great choice for the wood trim that is around your house. The trim when it is painted with a gloss finish will offer a nice contrast to the home. If used on your textured walls it will show off the imperfections that are going to exist.

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