What Paint Colors Reflect Sunlight the Best & Make a North, East, South or West Room Look Brighter in Camarillo, CA?

When it comes to choosing paint for the inside of your home, there are many considerations besides the color. You want to make sure the paint you select maximizes the ambience and overall presentation of the inside of your home. The color palettes you opt to use can be impacted by the natural or artificial light reflected throughout your residence. Basically, the perceived brightness of a room can be influenced significantly by the way it is painted. With this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to discuss how light and painting the inside of your home.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV)

The way to measure how paint colors reflect lights when a light source illuminates it is light reflectance value. You can choose suitable paint colors that reflect light for your home according to reflective light value. All paint will reflect light; however, some can do so considerably more than others. Generally, the LRV is indicated on the label of the paint you are using. Be sure you check out the LRV on the label to be sure whether it is ideal for you.

How Does Sunlight Play a Role in Color?

The color will not appear the same during a 24-hour period. Due to sunlight, it would look different on a different part of the day. It is always better to consider the natural light and its source while picking your house painting color. Consider the guide below o find the right color according to the sunlight positioning.
– North-Facing Rooms: There is a bluish, cold light that come in North-facing rooms. To add more life to it, these rooms should have a bolder color. Avoid anything green and grey base, and use colors such as white, yellow, and off white will reflect the right amount of light around the room. Ultimately, intense colors are more appropriate for the north-facing room.
– South-Facing Rooms: These rooms are the most convenient room to choose the color. A south-facing room will be filled with warm light from dawn to dusk when the weather is good. Also, in a south-facing room, lighter colors glow. Consider soft and pale color for your wall to make your place look brighter and spacious.
– West-Facing Rooms: Light has a particular feature in West-facing room. It is brighter in the afternoon and west-facing room is more relaxed in the morning. To make the afternoon light’s best use, warm tones like the Middleton pink are an excellent option. However, a color like a slipper satin will look cool and calm in the morning.
– East-Facing Rooms: Before noon, East facing room remains warm and full of light. For an east-facing room, oranges, yellows, and reds are the colors that go well. On the other hand, light blues and greens can create a soft and calmer effect for the for the evening time.
Depending on where the sun is shining, or not shining, the appearance and feel of a room can change considerably. Paint needs to be tested before committing to one since various paints are appropriate for different settings.

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Keep in mind that different artificial light sources can also play a part in the appearance of the paint color as well. Consider testing the color you like on all four walls in a small area and check on it different times of the day as well as in the evening when you use your lights to see how the color will look in your home throughout the day. No matter what you decide, call McKay’s Painting and let our experts take care of the painting execution to ensure quality workmanship!

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