What Paint Colors & Painting Techniques Make a Room Look Bigger & Brighter in Mission Canyon, CA?

What Paint Colors & Painting Techniques Make a Room Look Bigger & Brighter in Mission Canyon, CA?

Smaller rooms often feel cramped and generally unpleasant to spend a lot of time in. For those with smaller homes or small rooms in their home and are seeking ways to help make the small space feel more inviting and more open, McKay’s Painting will share a few tricks that can help smaller rooms feel bigger and more open.

Accent Wall Ideas for Small Rooms

Accent walls aren’t always recommended by designers in certain situations. However, when it comes to smaller rooms a darker colored accent wall, as the focal point against lighter colored walls, helps trick the eye and makes the room feel as if it is receding. By using this trick, it helps make smaller rooms look larger.

Sharp Color Palette Schemes

When you use sharp color versus dull colors, they too can help make a room seem larger. However, you can use sharp colors on your furniture against duller colored walls and achieve the same affect.

Connecting Rooms with Color that Flows

One trick is to use different shades of the same color that ties the entire space together. Paint the adjoining rooms or walls the same color, with either accent walls of the same color with a lighter or darker shade or a slight difference in hue. You can use both accent walls or use different shades of the painted wall color with furniture, curtains, or décor items. By using this trick, it keeps the eye moving around and makes the room feel bigger.

Lighter Paint Colors

One of the more popular methods for making a smaller room look or feel bigger is by using lighter colors. However, this doesn’t mean use only white hues. You can use soft or light blues, greens and even light tan or brown colors in smaller rooms. When using these colors, you will want the light to reflect them, which helps make the room feel bigger. When using lighter colors, avoid accent walls in a change of color. When using lighter colors, the wall feels more open. When a lighter color runs into a darker color that expanding feeling you want stops abruptly and ruins the effect.

Painted Ceilings in Small Rooms

You can add color to a ceiling. However, in smaller rooms, especially those with low ceilings, dark colors can make the room feel very small. Make sure if you want to add color to your ceiling, it is a lighter color than the walls, so the light pulls upwards. This trick helps make the room feel less cramped.

Additional Painting Tips & Tricks

Some additional tricks that don’t involve painting is to have good lighting. If you’re looking for a little bit of remodeling, consider adding or installing bigger windows to allow more natural light inside. Or provide smaller rooms with more light. Another recommendation is not to clutter up small rooms with too much furniture, nick-knacks, or décor. Less is always better in smaller rooms as they will feel more open.

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When it comes to making small rooms or even small homes feel bigger and more inviting, there are a number of tricks that you can use. If you need help repainting your home and you want more advice on making a small home look and feel more comfortable, contact McKay’s Painting today.

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