What Paint Colors Make Small Rooms Look Bigger & Brighter in Oxnard, CA?

What Paint Colors Make Small Rooms Look Bigger & Brighter in Oxnard, CA?

If you live in a small space, you likely want to maximize it any way that you can. One of the ways to dramatically control the feel of your space is with paint color choices. Color has a great influence on the way we feel and the mood that your room emanates. McKay’s Painting is here to talk about paint colors for small spaces, and how paint can impact the design of your room depending on what you are going for.

Warm & Cozy Living Room Ideas

If your goal for your space is somewhere that you and guests feel cozy and warm, you want to choose a warm tone for your walls. Choose a color like yellows and browns, even reds to give your space that cozy feel. Think the colors of a fire and the warmth you feel from the flames. Those same colors will give your room a warm feeling.

Light & Airy Pastel Paint Colors Make a Small Space Feel Open

White is always a popular choice for small spaces. Some people feel like white can be boring though. There are many colors that still make your room feel light and airy. If you choose from a long list of pastels, your space will feel more open and offer a bright, cheerful space.

Paint Walls & Ceilings the Same Color to Create Flow

When you are choosing your paint colors, you want the room to have flow. When you choose a light color like pastels or white and cream, you should consider painting the walls and the ceiling the same color. This will create a seamless flow to your space and make it appear larger. If you have chosen a color that would be too bold on the ceiling as well as the walls, consider painting the ceiling white with the baseboards and trim the same color as well to create that flow.

Why White Tones are Popular in Small Spaces

You may want to consider white and cream tones for your small space. There is a reason this is the most popular choice for tight spaces. White has a way of reflecting any natural light that comes in through windows and tricks your eyes into thinking the room is larger than it really is. You can choose more than one neutral hue on the walls and the baseboards and trim which will create a nice transition from one room to the other as well as outdoor to indoor.

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Choosing the right paint for your small space can seem like a challenge. If you don’t have much experience in colors and their effects on the mood and appeal of a room, you may want to consider the help of one of the professional color consultants at McKay’s Painting to help you make the right choice. With years of experience and interior painting knowledge, we are the perfect people to help you create flow and beauty in your small space. Call us today!

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