What Paint Color Exterior House Sells Best in Thousand Oaks, CA? Gray & Other Colors Realtors Recommend

Are you getting ready to put your home up for sale? If so, you are most likely looking for ways to help make your home more appealing and stand out from other homes. Many people will turn to painting the inside and outside of their home. When investing in an exterior paint job, you not only improve the home’s curbside appeal, but also improve the value of the home. However, when investing in an exterior paint job you will want to ensure you pick the right color of paint to make your home appeals to buyers. McKay’s Painting will provide some of the popular colors that are attracting buyers.

What Paint Colors Do Realtors Recommend?

Off-White – For those with a farmhouse-style home, you will never go wrong with an off-white color. Off-white is a simple color paint that helps makes the home look fresh and clean. White colors can help reflect the sunlight which reduces the amount of heat the home receives during the summer. Additionally, you can use just about any other color for the trim and other accents when using off-white.
Yellows – Yellow invokes warmth and happiness. Using pale yellows can also reduce heat much like off white and be more attractive to potential buyers. Pale yellows work well with blue or white accents. A pale yellow is a great color to use when trying to sell a home.
Light Blues – Light blue colored homes with a deeper blue accents often look best when near the coast of a lake or the ocean. Using a blue color to paint your home can be a great choice when you want to tie in the surrounding elements.
Gray – Gray colors are still holding as one of the most popular trends. Gray works both inside and outside of the home. A gray exterior creates a slick and clean presentation of the home. Gray works great on both modern and more rustic style homes. Grays pared with white or blue accents work well with each other. To help sell your home, having a gray colored home will help boost your home’s curbside appeal.
Taupe – To keep your home’s new color neutral and classic, you will never go wrong with a taupe color. The warm sandy color of taupe helps to create a warm and welcoming exterior. You can use either a light or darker accent color with taupe and your home will look great. Taupe works great on just about any style home from modern, to traditional and even on adobe style homes.
Green – Can you use greens on the outside of a home? Yes, you can use green colors and make your home stand out and look great. When finding the right color green, pay close attention to your surroundings. For desert landscapes, you can make your home more lively with a darker color green. For homes with heavy vegetation it is best to use lighter color greens. Green can be pared with other green colors, white, and gray accents.

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There are a lot of colors you can use that can help improve the sale of your home. With a fresh paint job your home will have a clean and fresh appearance to help put your home on top. For quality painting services, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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