What Makes Pressure Treated Wood Turn Gray & How to Stop it with Refinishing in Vandenberg Village, CA

Is your deck turning gray? You may be wondering what causes the wood to turn gray and if your deck is somehow compromised. A graying deck is often a sign that it needs some kind of care. In most cases, it is time or past time to refinish the deck. A deck will turn gray for a few different reasons and all point to some kind of needed care. McKay’s Painting will share what causes a deck to turn gray and what type of care it needs.

Full Sun Wood Deck Damage

One of the reasons why a deck will turn gray is due to sunlight damage. The UV rays from the sun degrade the cellulose fiber that makes wood. Sunlight does not just cause discoloration in the wood. It can also lead to dryness and cracks. The wood will get more and more brittle over time. When it comes to protecting the wood deck as well as other outside features, it important to sand the damaged wood off and then either stain or paint the deck.

Fungus & Mildew on Deck Wood

Another cause for wood to turn gray is mildew or fungus. Mildew and fungus can be brought on due to recent rain or high humidity. When the wood develops uneven discoloration and the gray develops in spots or blotches, this is a sign that fungus or mildew is developing on the wood. When graying occurs in spots, you will want to pressure clean the wood quickly to prevent the spread of the fungus or mildew. However, after the deck has been cleaned it should also be refinished. If fungus or mildew developed on the wood’s surface this means the wood sealer is no longer protecting the wood. The wood will get weaker due to UV exposure or weathering.

How to Stop Wood from Going Gray

To prevent a deck from going gray, it is recommended to refinish the deck every few years. Depending on the quality of the stain, sealer, or paint used on the wood, refinishing a deck is needed every three to five years. The higher the quality of surface sealers used such as stain and paint, the longer you can go between refinishing the deck. To help reduce the amount of UV exposure, also consider planting a good shade tree to cover the deck from the sun and prevent premature graying of the wood. To prevent fungus or mildew from developing on the deck, again refinish the deck as needed. Also have the deck pressure cleaned to remove any microorganisms that can breed more fungus or mildew. By pressure cleaning your deck once a year and refinishing the deck every three to five years, you can prevent graying and extend the life of the deck.

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Graying is a bad sign. If the deck is turning gray, this means the deck has been neglected and is beginning to weaken. To help recover your deck, seek professional deck refinishing services. McKay’s Painting provides pressure cleaning, deck refinishing and much more. For those who need help maintaining their deck or repainting their home, contact McKay’s Painting and schedule our services today.

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