What Lasts Longer – Deck Paint or Stain in Fillmore, CA? How to Clean Decks Before Painting or Staining & More

Fall is officially here but we are still outdoors using our decks. We want our deck to look it’s best for us and guests we will have over. If your deck is looking a little worse for wear you can consider staining or painting it. McKay’s Painting delve more into this topic below.

What is the Best? Deck Paint or Stain?

For longevity the best way to go, according to the pros, is to use a clear sealer or a semi-transparent stain on your deck. The issues with painting decks is that the surfaces are horizontal, so the paint just “lays” on the deck. These areas will therefore hold water. Painting or using a solid-color stain with no sealer will only help trap the moisture in the wood. Because of this, when the boards expand and contract with the changing temperatures, the paint will begin to chip that will lead to peeling paint, rotting wood, and other potential problems. When you use good quality stain and sealer it will penetrate the wood grain and seal it and allow moisture to escape from the wood. This means it won’t chip, peel or crack as the deck wood swells.

How Do You Clean a Deck Before Painting or Staining?

Unprotected wood left to the elements gets ugly fast. Moisture is absorbed by the wood, causing it to twist, warp, and crack as it swells and shrinks. UV rays from the sun will discolor the wood break down the lignin, which is the natural glue that holds the fibers together. This allows the moisture and even worse, wood-decay fungi, that can secrete enzymes that rot wood fibers. Before the deck is stained it should be power washed by a professional to clean it and remove any remaining stain, sealant, dirt and grime. This will help yield the longest-lasting results. Allow a professional to do this because many people get a little crazy with the amount of pressure they use and end up splintering the wood or causing other damage.

How to Make Deck Paint or Stain Results Last Longer

Exposed decks need to be re-stained every few years. Even the best stains will fade, especially in high-traffic areas. Staining a deck can be time-consuming. It will most likely end up taking a lot longer than the weekend you thought it would. Staining your deck allows the wood’s natural beauty to show through, but you’ll likely need to redo the job soon. Painting it and the wood will be protected, but you will lose the look of the wood grain. Painting will give the longest lasting protection against the elements. High-quality, water-based latex paints are more flexible than oil-based paints and can withstand the wood’s moisture fluctuations. A painted surface can last 10 years before you’ll need to strip it and re-paint, painting can be messy however, leaving you with blobs and runs if you’re not experienced with painting.

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Quality deck maintenance companies can offer the best suggestions for your situation to help you get the best results possible. When you’re ready to refinish your deck, call the professionals at McKay’s Painting to help you make the right choice and get it done right.

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