What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Window Frames & What is the Best Way in Port Hueneme, CA?

Looking at your window frames you noticed that the paint is looking faded and has started cracking. It is time for a new paint color to brighten up your home and give it a different look. Where do you start when it comes to repainting your window frames? You want to make sure you do the job correctly so that you can make the exterior of your home look beautiful. McKay’s Painting offers some helpful tips below.

Why Does Paint Crack Around Windows?

As much as you would love your window frame paint to last forever. Over the years that paint will be hit with UV rays. Those rays can eventually cause the paint to fade and crack. Not only will it be hit with UV rays it has other weather such as wind and rain that it is getting hit with. When it gets hit with rain that moisture can set into the paint. Then when the water evaporates it will cause a blister and make it start to peel. Not only does the paint start to have problems but if your windows are not caulked properly they can start to crack. Soon the frame and trim will be exposed to moisture and this can lead to rotted wood and mold growth.

Prep Before Painting

You need to prepare before you paint. You do not want to paint over peeled, cracked, or old paint. You need to get the frame down to bare wood. Do this by removing all the peeling and damaged paint. If the paint is hard to get off you can always try a chemical stripper or a heat gun. If you decide to go with either one of those you need to be very careful because both can damage the glass and the sealant. Next, you want to caulk any damaged areas. Once that is dry then use a high-quality primer on the bare wood. Next, pick the paint color you want to paint. If you are trying to find a way you do not have to paint and repaint your window trim, you can look into replacing all the windows with storm windows. Also using dehumidifiers will help prevent that moisture that can build up around your window frames.

What is the Best Paint for Window Frames & Trim?

For both interior and exterior trim, a paint with a glossy finish is most popular. These paints form a durable finish that repels dirt and grime better than flat paint, and they are easier to wipe clean. The specific type of paint needed depends on your trim’s material. Window trim can be made from wood, vinyl, aluminum, or steel. There is no single coating that works with all of these different surfaces. Choosing a paint that’s compatible with your type of trim will help achieve results long lasting results.

Why are Painting Frames Important?

Painted window frames have many benefits. It can help with the damage and prevention of more damage from happening. But it can also help improve the look of your exterior. In the past white trim was the way to go but with today’s home many people choose a color that helps make the windows pop. The great thing about the trim is that you can pick the color and style that you want for your home. If it is traditional, classic, or bold you can find the style that works for you.

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Whatever the look you are looking for fixing and repainting your window frames can be a lot of work. Leave it to a professional like McKay’s Painting to come and do the hard work for you. Helping you get the exterior look you have been waiting for. Contact us today.

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