What is the Most Popular Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets in Carpinteria, CA? White & Neutral

What is the Most Popular Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets in Carpinteria, CA? White & Neutral

In an effort to offer some more color and creativity to the kitchen, many homeowners are breaking away from the traditional white and neutral colored cabinets. While these remain the most popular, it doesn’t mean they are your only choice. To create a certain look, most experts recommend people use 3-5 colors, the three minimum include the primary color, accent color, and trim work color. Painting the cabinets something other than white is an excellent approach to bring more style into your kitchen’s décor. Making the cabinets a focal point is your goal. Bearing this in mind, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share some of the top colors trending for kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinetry Paint Color Combination Trends

Velvet Cake Red: The fiery cabinets with silver hardware is especially striking as it provides energy and a jazzy aspect to stainless steel and white accent kitchen.
Sunset Orange: In a marble or white subdued environment, a rather attractive look is a magnificently done orange cabinetry. To really make the orange cabinets exceptional and unique in your kitchen, a rich finish and an efficient application is the way to go.
Soft Gray: A rather tranquil statement is the classic muted gray cabinets. Paired with vibrant colors like lemon yellow or mosaics for a playful look as the muted grays are very diverse and can be easily incorporated into industrial chic, country charm, urban sophistication.
Onyx: With class and sophistication, black is a timeless classic. You can bring more brightness to the kitchens when you pair up onyx with silver or even brass hardware and in other scenarios with glass inset doors. In the rest of the kitchen a sandy color will really make the onyx cabinets stunning.
Muted Eggplant: Tends to be more sophisticated than a dusted violet, the eggplant is an incredible choice for smaller kitchens. Brighten the muted tone with warm metal accents, creamy options, or off-whites form inspirational atmospheres.
Deep Blue: For an amazing look, the normally unorthodox choice for cabinetry is a bold blue but if correctly. For the kitchen’s overall look use white trim and a lighter blue variation in different places.
Cottage Blue: This soft blue is natural and calming hue, that can make your environment charming for your culinary arts. Pair this pale blue with a pale cream, a dusty sage, or a soft buttery yellow in addition to the charming use of wood to really compliment the kitchen.
Cactus Green: Today’s trend is tomorrow’s classic as the fun choice for your kitchen cabinets is the increasingly popular dusty green. This pistachio green captures the atmosphere to influence your guest’s mood to feel welcome and peaceful. For a really powerful sophisticated feel, Whites for a splash of clean, wood accents, as well as dark trim really makes a statement.
Buttery Yellow: Kitchen is the place that provides the food and energizes, emphasize the mood with a soft yellow that stimulates happiness. Whit is an exceptional color to use for contrast, whether it is the primary, accent, or other trim work.
Brushed Teal: To make your cabinets be an eye-popping and intensify the kitchen, the muted teals. Use a version that has a hint of gray in the mix if you want to tone it down a notch. A remarkable contrast is with a classic white shade for the primary color.

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