What is the Easiest Way to Remove Wallpaper from a Wall in Camarillo, CA? Soften Glue & More

Have you looked around your home and decided that your wallpaper is out of date or you are not happy with the way that it looks. Maybe it is damaged and old and you are ready to freshen up the appearance of your walls. Here comes the hard part and that is removing the wallpaper from the wall so that you can either paint the wall. The wallpaper when it was hung was done so to last as long as possible. The wallpaper is hung using a glue or adhesive that will attach the wallpaper to the wall itself. If you want to remove the wallpaper you are sure to have a real task at hand. The way to remove wallpaper from your walls can be tedious and can lead to a total disaster if it is not done right. McKay’s Painting outlines the best way to remove wallpaper from your walls.

What Solution Will Dissolve Wallpaper Glue?

The part that is really making it difficult to remove is the glue itself. The glue needs to be softened so that it can come apart from the wall and allow you to strip away the wallpaper. You can use dish detergent and hot water to help remove the glue. You want to go a little at a time to ensure that the water stays hot for as long as possible. Put a tablespoon of dish detergent in with a bucket of extremely hot water and put it in a spray bottle. Use the solution to spray on the area that you want to work on. After you have sprayed the wall and area that you want to work on allow it to set for several minutes before you start to work. Start with a small area that you can realistically work on in around 15 minutes. Start to strip away the wallpaper and then move to the next area.

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Protect your home while stripping and removing wallpaper. You want to be sure that you have protection for your floors and furniture to ensure there is no damage done when you are removing the wallpaper. The process can be messy so use a drop cloth to cover any areas around the space you will be working. McKay’s Painting can remove that old wallpaper for you and then properly prepare your walls for painting and expertly paint them. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

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