What is the Easiest Way to Remove Old Wallpaper in Santa Ynez, CA? Stripping, Chemicals or Steam?

Are you getting tired of your old wallpaper? Or have you recently moved into an older home with outdated wallpaper? Nothing can drive a person crazier than that 70’s green wallpaper. Yes! It is time to take action. Whether you are removing old wallpaper to put up new, or maybe you want to switch to painted walls, you must begin that fresh new look by removing the old wallpaper. This will be unpleasant. However McKay’s Painting will cover some tips on how to remove old wallpaper faster and easier than ever.

Problems with Wallpaper Removal

If you ever had the pleasure of removing wallpaper before, you may’ve run into some problem such as paper that rips away in small tiny pieces and you’re lucky if you get more than a foot of paper off at a time. Or you may find that your paper rips off into two layers so you get to remove the top layer and the bottom layer with the adhesive. This can be frustrating and down right annoying. If you’re lucky, the wallpaper that was previously put up might be strippable wallpaper. If so you can use the method of Dry-Stripping, chemical or, steam treatments.

Dry-Stripping Wallpaper Removal

Step 1. To test if your wallpaper is strippable, test by ripping at a corner or seam of the wallpaper. You can use a putty knife or razorblade to get the seam to lift. Slow peel it back in a 10 to 15 degree angle.
Step 2. If the paper peels easily you might be set to remove without any stress. For the more stubborn areas, be sure to remove each strip from the corners. Do not pull straight back for this can damage the wall.
Step3. You will want to remove the old adhesive. Use a solution of heavy-duty detergent and one with high trisodium phosphate. Pour the solution into a bucket and use a sponge to remove the adhesive. Make sure you wear gloves because this stuff can burn. Wash off the wall with water and let it dry before re-wallpaper or painting.

Chemical Soak to Remove Wallpaper

Step 1. You will need to score the wallpaper first. The chemical can not penetrate through the paper. By scoring it first, this will allow the chemical to seep into the paper and the adhesive making it easy to remove.
Step 2. Before applying the chemical, make sure you mix it with water. Check the bottle for proper amounts. You can use a sponge, paint roller, or spray bottle to apply the chemical. Allow to soak for 20 to 30 minutes.
Step 3. After you allowed the chemicals to soak, you can use a putty knife and scrape the wallpaper right off. MAKE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES
Step 4. Remove the residue adhesive the same as before. Wash walls with water and allow them to dry before painting or putting up wallpaper.

Can You Remove Wallpaper with Steam?

Step 1. You will want to score the paper. Make cuts in crisscross patterns with the scoring tool.
Step 2. Prepare your steamer. Most steamers require water after filling it wait until the steam pad starts to steam. Much like a clothing iron.
Step 3. Hold the steamer against the wallpaper until it becomes soft, use a scraper to remove the wallpaper just heated. Do this one piece at a time.
Step 4. Remove the old adhesive with the same sponge and solution as before. Then wash the walls with water and allow it to dry.

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This is how many professionals remove old wallpaper from the walls. This takes way less time to remove than that awful old wallpaper. If this seems a bit much or you’re trying to watch your finances, another secret and cheap option is good old fashion white or apple cider vinegar. Most don’t like the smell. However it will remove wallpaper and dissolve the adhesives. You use vinegar the same way a chemical soaking. McKay’s Painting wishes you the best of luck with your next project and remember, we are here to help you.

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