What is the Correct Height for Wainscoting Chair Rails in Ventura, CA? Moulding Ideas & More

What is the Correct Height for Wainscoting Chair Rails in Ventura, CA? Moulding Ideas & More

Is your home looking a little shabby? Are you ready to add some décor that freshens the look and feel of the home. You can always start with a beautiful coat of paint on the walls to makeover the room. The paint on the walls needs to be redone on occasion which is a great time to add other elements of décor. One area that you can add to and make a big impact on your home is the trim work. The trim can be found at the ceiling line which is called crown molding. This is a great addition to any home and adds a level of elegance that doesn’t exist otherwise. It is often painted a gloss white that helps to separate the wall from the ceiling. Your home also has baseboards that come standard in homes and connects the floor to the wall. The baseboard can be simple or more extravagant but upgrading it can add that extra oomph that you are looking for. The doors and windows have trim as well that can be upgraded but that is not where the trim work ends. You can also have chair rails added to your home as well.

McKay’s Painting Explain What Benefits Chair Rails Offer When Installed in a Room

What is a Wainscoting Chair Rail?: A chair rail is part of the trim work that can be placed in a home. Originally people had chair rails installed in dining rooms to act as a bumper to protect the walls from chairs bumping into them. They also have used chair rails to trim out a room and add proportions to the room. Now they are installed in many different rooms for many addition reasons. The chair rail is a piece of molding that is made from wood or other type of composite material. It can be a simple or intricate as you want but when installed it offers a beautiful addition to a room. The rail is placed up the wall and is usually set about the level that a chair would hit the wall if it were to be pulled out. Although this is the natural height, all chairs are different and would not hit at the same point. The better rule is to know what proportion is best for your home. Depending on the height of the room you want to place the chair rail around 28 to 36 inches from the floor.
Chair Rail Adds Décor to Your Bedroom, Dining, Living or Other Room: When you have a chair rail installed in your home it opens up the type of paint and décor you can have. The paint can be separated with one particular color below the line of the wall and a different color above the line as well. The chair rail is a great way to add a beautiful elegance to a room and give the eye somewhere to go.

Chair Rail Installation, Interior Painting & More in Ventura, Ojai, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills & Santa Barbara California

If you want to have chair rails installed in your home, you really want to contact a professional that has experience in installing trim work. McKay’s Painting can direct you to which chair rail options are best, where to have them installed and some great paint color combinations to complement your current color schemes.

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