What is the Best Finish for Interior House Painting in Malibu, CA? Flat, Eggshell or Gloss Paint on Walls & Trim?

When you are ready to make a change in your home one of the biggest ways to get the look that you want is to change the paint color. When you change the paint color your walls will be prepped and any repairs that need to be done will. This means that the look will be just like new and you can go with a color that better suits the look you are going for. A fresh coat of paint can also leave the home looking cleaner and fresh. One choice that you need to make when changing out the paint is to pick the colors that you want to have and where you want each color. You can have accent walls or faux finishes done. That is not where your part ends, you also need to know what kind of finish you want to have as well. There are several options and each one has its pros and cons. McKay’s Painting has a list of paint finishes that you can choose from and what the benefits of each are.

What is Flat Paint Good For?

A flat finish is not a great option if you have small kids. The finish is dull and leaves the wall seem a little chalky. If you get handprints of scuffs on the wall with this finish it is very difficult to remove. Any cleaning will lead to the paint being removed as well and spots on the wall that you can see the texture or drywall. Many times this type of finish is used on the ceiling and outdoors on siding. The flat finish is also sometimes called matt and leaves the wall without a shiny finish.

What Do You Use Eggshell Paint For?

This is the next level up from flat and leaves the wall with a slight shine. It feels much smoother and is much easier to clean of you find anything extra on the wall. This finish is one of the most common because of the versatility and the ease in cleaning. The paint finish comes in all the varieties of color and does not limit the selection in any way.

What is Gloss Finish Paint?

This is the top of the line if you want the most durable finish for your walls. This finish works great on all types of materials including wood, metal and drywall. The finish is very shiny and leaves an extremely smooth look. This is a great option for an area that is exposed to the outdoors and needs an extra level of protection.

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