What is Environmentally Friendly Green Paint in Orcutt, CA? Interior Painting Bedrooms, Living Rooms & More

More and more people are become conscious of their environment and are trying to use more environmentally friendly products and sources for natural power. One newer breakthrough in environmentally friendly substances is eco paints. Regular paints are considered a toxic waste and they need to be disposed of differently since it is a toxin to our planet. Today we have eco friendly paints available that aren’t toxic and they even safer to use inside the home. McKay’s Painting will share some things about eco or green painting and how that is now a more widely used option for homes and commercial buildings.

What is Eco Friendly or Green Paint?

First don’t be fooled by labels. Some paints claim to be eco friendly or say they are a natural paint. Where some natural ingredients are used to make these paints, there are some ingredients that are still harmful to the environment. A lot of these so called eco friendly paints contain VOC and some still contain titanium dioxide. However each brand will vary in the amount of the ingredients used to make each of the eco friendly paints less harmful by differing degrees. However they still pose a problem to the environment. They are just slightly less toxic than traditional paint. When looking for an eco friendly paint read the ingredients. Favor those that use a plant-based solvent-borne created by natural ingredients. Avoid any that contain titanium dioxide and with the lowest levels of VOC if none at all.

Can You Get Environmentally Friendly Paint?

As the eco friendly paints are becoming more popular, they are becoming more available. However they are still somewhat hard to find in some cases. Even so, as time goes on and demand increases, manufactures will increase production of this type of paint. Additionally eco paint does come in a wide variety of colors to choose from and still provides the user plenty of choices to choose from.

Eco Friendly Paint Uses

Eco paint is best used inside rather than for exterior surfaces. Most will prefer to use them inside due to the lesser chemicals used as they reduce the chemical scent. Since they are safer to be used around pets and children, most will use these types of paint in bedrooms and living rooms. However eco friendly paints work great anywhere in the home. Most paints state that they have a five year efficiency of durability. Of course we have seen some paints last much longer than that. Green or Eco friendly paint does have a short life span and needs repainting about every 3 to 5 years. However some manufactures would argue. Eco friendly paints are fairly new and are still being developed and improving as time goes on. Hopefully as time goes on the green paints will improve and longer lasting formulas will be created.

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Nonetheless the benefits of using eco or green paint are great for the environment and the demand continues to rise. McKay’s Painting provides green painting options. We use the best and highest quality eco friendly paint available when reuested. If you want less chemicals and an environmentally friendly paint, McKay’s Painting can provide excellent painting services with green paints. Contact McKay’s Painting today to help you repaint your home with green paints.

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