What is a Cool Paint Color Scheme & How Do Cool Colors or Neutrals with Undertones Make You Feel in Camarillo, CA?

Colors on half the color wheel, consisting of the blues, greens, purples and various combinations are cool colors. There are many different benefits to painting your home with a cool palette, such as how they make you feel. For example, cool colors tend to subdue and slow breathing, lower blood pressure and body temperature, relax muscles, as well as provide an overall calm feeling. The more intense the cooling effects are on the physical and mental attributes the stronger the color is. Below, McKay’s Painting offers a few tips on how to utilize cool color schemes.

How Do You Use Cool Paint Color Schemes in Your Home?

1) If you have a very vibrant personality, a dominant cool color scheme may not work well, despite the desire to feel relaxed in your home. If you personality is more energetic, consider the cool palettes for accents and use warmer tones for the primary colors to emphasize the dynamic shades.
2) Depending on the undertones of the colors, warm or cool, a cool color scheme works phenomenal with the neutral tones as well, such as black, gray, and white. Using a cool neutral color for example, as the primary wall color, can harmonize the warmer tones that are present in the furniture and flooring.
3) Subtle variations of the cool paint colors, can appear differently in your home than in the store because the pigments.
4) Cool colors can generally have the ability to calm and soothe, as they often remind people of the water or sky. As a result they are ideally used in the bedroom and other like areas where people like to relax.
5) Cool colors can easily recede a space, or make a small room look larger. However, if it is not done with balance, cool colors can make a room cold and unwelcoming. To avoid this feeling, use cool colors dominantly in a room that offers plenty of warm- natural light.
6) Try balancing the color palette that leans heavily toward large amounts of cool colors with a warm color or two and for optimal results, use colors opposite them on the color wheel. Use bright warm orange or yellow to balance deep cool purple.
7) Cool colors tend to look the best in the contemporary interior design, but to avoid making the overall look appear too formal, be sure to highlight the space with warm accents.
8) These suggestions are more or less guidelines to help you get started using your cool palette to enhance your home with relaxation, but you can easily alter them depending on the lighting, architectural designs and so forth.

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