What Exterior House Paint Colors Attract & Repel Bugs, Birds & Other Pests in Thousand Oaks, CA?

What Exterior House Paint Colors Attract & Repel Bugs, Birds & Other Pests in Thousand Oaks, CA?

When you are looking at painting the exterior of your home you are probably considering several things. You might look at the things you aren’t changing such as the roof color as well as any stone or brick facade. You might take into consideration the color of the surrounding houses and the general look of the neighborhood. You may also may think about your own personal style and what you would like for the curb appeal for your home. But have you ever thought about whether the colors you choose might actually attract or repel pests? The colors that you choose for the exterior of your home could be just the colors that attract particular types of pests. When you look into a paint color you may want to consider what pests you may be inviting.

McKay’s Painting Explains What Pests Might Be Attracted To or Repelled By Different Exterior Paint Colors

Are Your House Colors Attracting Nuisance Birds?: No one wants a bunch of nuisance birds nesting on their home or flying towards their windows. The problem is that the colors you paint your home could be just what the birds are looking for. Birds can cause damage to the siding, roof and fascia of your home. Most birds are looking for colors that mimic the food they like to eat. That happens to be berries so if you have a home that is brightly colored the birds may think that your home means food. If you are worried about nesting birds that aren’t as concerned about looking for food, know that grey and brown colors may attract them instead as they are attracted to a place that is hidden away and safe.
What Paint Colors Attract & Repel Bugs?: We know that most people would never want to see bugs hanging around their home. Bugs are a pest that many people are fearful of and will do what they can to keep insects away from their home. Bugs are able to see color in the UV spectrum and that means that they are more attracted to colors that are bright. Why? Like some birds, they are out looking for a place to find a meal. The brighter colors such as yellow and orange are the same as flowers. Colors that most bugs want to keep away from are green and even some blues. In fact, a lot of people in the Southern United States swear that by painting porch ceilings a light blue color keeps stinging insects away!
What Exterior Paint Colors Attract & Repel Mosquitoes?: If you live in an area that has problems with mosquitoes such as Southern California, you may want to stay away from paint colors that attract them. The funny thing about mosquitoes is that they see color and perceive it differently than bugs. The darker the color the easier it is for mosquitoes to see it. That means if you paint your home a darker color you may be the perfect attraction for mosquitoes. Just like the experts say to wear light colors when you are around mosquitoes the same goes for paint. If you can get away with white or light colored paint it will act as a deterrent for mosquitoes.

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