What Effect Do Pastel Paint Colors Represent in Ojai, CA? How Do I Choose Pastels & More

Pastels are making a comeback and are being used in a variety of ways and in a plethora of areas from bathrooms to retail shops. Unfortunately, some still hold an unfair stereotype to pastels; Easter egg colors, perfect color for little girls’ rooms, and so on. But since many of pastel colors have re-emerged in well balanced applications; the rooms are brighter, and more calming and airy. Pastels are not restricted to blues and pink either; and with depth and substance, they are far more vibrant and usable than you may suppose. Men are often afraid of pastels because of the common misconception that pastels are exclusively for women but pale grays, for example, are very masculine.

How Do I Choose Pastel Colors?

Pastels bring a very soothing effect, making them a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. When it comes time to select the pastel color for painting your walls, experts agree that you should finalize your choice by selecting the shade lighter than your original choice. Once pastels are spread across the surface, they become especially intense. To give the color more depth, glaze the top with a clear coat, particularly if the room is smaller.

How Do You Paint with Pastel Colors?

The pastel palettes are ideal for those that enjoy the pale beiges and creams but still want to add color. There are a variety of ways pastels can excel. Keeping the walls in subtle creams and accenting the trim with pastels or vice versa is one way. Whites, grays, and even blacks are very complementary with pastels. But the creativity is not limited. To make your rooms more beautiful, the pastels are a versatile option. Provide a graceful distinction against bold or vivid colors; these pale hues easily pair with other pastels.

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Pastels are a great choice, when you want to experiment with something beyond white and beige, but are reluctant to take on a strong color. They work in any space and can be incorporated into any décor style beautifully. No matter the furnishings and accessories, pastels are the perfect background for any interior wall. If you are interested in working pastels into your home or business, call in the specialists of McKay’s Painting. No matter if you have your own pastel color scheme in mind, or if you need assistance sifting through your options, our experts can deliver quality painting services.

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