What Do I Need to Know Before Painting a Bathroom in Oxnard, CA? Mold Resistant Paint, Sheen & More

It can add substantial resale value as well beyond just boosting aesthetic appeal in fact. Consistently yielding the highest return on investment of almost any other update you can make, improvements made to kitchens and bathrooms including interior paint. There is little margin for error, and you really need to know your paint when it comes to bathroom painting may be similar to kitchen painting in this positive way, but it also requires a similar word of warning. To help you avoid the common mistakes people make while painting the bathroom, we at McKay’s Painting would like to share them.

What Mistakes Can You Make when Painting a Bathroom?

1) Not keeping the sheen in mind. As the sheen progresses so does its level of durability and shine, the paint sheen (level of gloss) you choose ranges from flat to high gloss. It is important to make sure you invest plenty of time in preparing the walls such as repairs, cleaning, so forth, then apply the primer when you use higher gloss interior paint since it is less forgiving of any surface imperfections. To allow it to that it can stand up to higher levels of moisture, towel drying after the dog takes a bath, and anything else you might throw its way, , you’ll need an eggshell or semi-gloss product for a bathroom.
2) Not investing in mold/mildew resistant paint. On a regular basis, especially smaller ones, bathrooms are saturated with steam. It can add a nice layer of protection, and extra peace of mind, too, by choosing an interior paint that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.
3) Not allowing enough to time dry out the bathroom before painting. Allowing time for air to circulate and any residual surface dampness to clear out, leave the fan, door, and window open for a while after the last shower is complete.
4) Rushing through the painting project. For any room of the house, this tip can apply. Before you apply the next coat, leave time for every coat to fully, and mostly dry doesn’t count.
5) Not letting the paint fully dry before using the space. Before you use the bathroom again, let your walls fully. Give it a couple of hours, then start using the bathroom again too many homeowners finish the process. You need to let your bathroom dry fully for at least a day or two, especially if steamy showers are your thing. It needs to cure, and this takes time beyond drying to the touch.

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Ultimately, when painting the bathroom, there are many factors that need to be considered and quite a few techniques and methods that optimize results. If you do not have the time to do the project right, you should hire a pro. With a professional, you know the paint job will be done right with exceptional long-term results. When you need your bathroom, or any other room in your Greater Ventura, CA home, call in the experts of McKay’s Painting and let our experts assist you!

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