What Do I Need to Do Before I Start Painting in Camarillo, CA? How Do I Choose a Paint Color & More?

When you are ready to make some changes to the interior of your home such as new paint you need to consider what the project entails. This will make the project go by much faster and the finished product will be enjoyable. Paint is not just a pick a color and go type of project. You need to decide what you want painted then prepare that particular room for the job. You also need to take into account what color the walls are before you start as well as what kind of condition they are in. If there are lots of dents, scrapes and holes in the walls they will need to be repaired before the painting can begin. There are lots to consider before you settle in the project. McKay’s Painting lists important considerations when you are getting ready to paint your home’s interior.

How Do I Choose a Paint Color for the Interior of My House?

You want to make sure that the color that you are going for matches what you want. It can be difficult to settle on a color based on a small swatch from the store so make sure you think about how it will dry and what color it is going on top of. You also want to know what kind of environment you are trying to get. If you want a warm and welcoming look you can go with a nice yellow. If you want to find something that is soothing and calming you can choose a nice light blue. If you want to go more natural and with a color that tends to fit most decors you can choose a tan or off white for your new paint color.

How Much is the Room You are Painting Used?

If you have a room that is not used very often and there doesn’t seem to be lots of people walking through you can go with a finish like matte or eggshell. These are going to not have a very glossy look and matte will have no shine at all. The issue with this finish is that they are usually hard to keep clean so if you have little kids that live in your home that tend to wipe their hands and everything else on the walls you may want to go with a gloss finish. They are easier to use a clean cloth and water to clean off dirt and other marks without damaging the paint.

Do You Hate the Smell of Lingering Paint?

If you have a sensitivity to the smell or odor of fresh paint you have an option. If you don’t want that paint smell hanging around you can choose a water based latex paint product to have your home painted with. This type of paint has much less odor whereas an oil based paint will have a more standard smell through your home. The water based latex paint also is easier to clean up if there is a mess made.

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